In actuality, Mr. Tendy asked for a $5000 raise.

This raise was discussed at the budget work sessions on October 7 and October 14, both televised on Channel 20, and streamed at putnamvalley.com – then, go to streaming media.

From the North County News, Bob justifies his raise. The comments in parentheses are mine.

October 21, 2009

To the editor:

   Regarding “my” requested pay raise (do the quotation marks imply that it was not his request?  Of course, it was his request!  He put in for a $5000 raise, which was lowered to $3500.  Then Gene spoke to justify the increase), I wanted to apprise your readers of a few facts which were not known to your reporter (if only he’d known Bob’s truth, he would not have been as appalled.  He often tells us that we just do not understand).  Since 2003, I have often recommended a pay raise for the supervisor’s position. (“often” changed to every year by the time of the lohud interview.  He never put in for a raise for the position when his political opponent got into office.  Carmelo did increase the salary significantly when he got into office.  I’m sure that Bob voted for that, but I do not recall that he ever suggested it.  Also note that he did not request a raise for the Town Board, only for himself.)  Even when Sam Davis was supervisor and the town board wanted to cut his salary, I was against it and convinced the board otherwise (Bob initiated the hysteria, then realized that he’d be cutting the salary for his own job. When Sam suggested a pay cut, Wendy and Bob were both convinced that they were worth $77,000.)

   The position of town supervisor is the only position in town hall which has not seen a pay raise in six years.  The amount requested would come to a $583-a-year pay raise since 2004.  Your readers should also know that though I requested the raise for the position, I have made it clear that I am abstaining from that vote. (At the second budget meeting the raise was left in by Gene, Bob, and Bob.  Priscilla declined to opine, and Wendy opposed it, although she will probably support it next year in anticipation of her next run for Supervisor.  Beyond that, the vote is not on single items, it is on the budget as a whole.)

  Furthermore, I always preface my recommendation for the pay increase by saying that I am requesting the increase for the position, not the person.  I certainly didn’t think Sam Davis deserved his salary when he was supervisor because he was probably the worst supervisor in town history. (This contradicts other things that Bob has said – not unusual.  I think Bob is the worst supervisor in town history.  Sam was actually a good supervisor, despite a political machine assault on him – and me- that will absolutely go down in the history of local politics.)  But in order to attract competent, professional and educated people to work in a position which requires expertise and experience, a salary has to be commensurate with what the responsibilities are (and in Bob’s humble opinion that is fellows like him.  I’d prefer not to attract his ilk.); just as importantly, prospective candidates need to know that their income will not be subject to political considerations – or shenanigans (Doesn’t this define Bob?  What else is this letter but an attempt, apparently successful, to defuse the politics that he created by giving himself a raise.  This is just spin. He seems to thrive on political shenanigans.)  Without this, the position begins to attract the Davis’ and Powell’s of the world. (And if you were starting to believe him, this line should bring you right back to reality. Sam was a teacher when he ran, with a chiropractic practice on Long Island.  He lost 2 steps, and a lump sum retirement benefit for the privilege of being Town Supervisor, and he gave up his practice.)

   I am a bit different than most people who run for supervisor: I did not run to make money. (If you look back in PV’s history, he’s probably the only one who did.)  I’m probably the only person in the past few decades who is actually losing money by being supervisor (Pants on fire! He has continued his law practice, and what would he have done without the town’s health insurance benefits for seven years.)  However, as a resident of Putnam Valley I saw a need to get the town in the right direction with professional and responsible government, and I’m sticking to my commitment. (I agree with Bob that the town is going in the wrong direction with unprofessional and irresponsible government.  He has been there for 7 years.  And that is what’s wrong.)  The current board and I – and all town employees- have made great progress in the past two years.  (They built the great wall of Tendy at a cost of $300,000 and enacted a modification of the pooper scooper law, gave us a 9.5% tax increase this year alone, have inflamed the issue of the firehouse to a fevered pitch, and we have salt contamination on Morrissey Drive.)

    Finally, for 2010, every town department’s budget was either reduced or stayed the same.  There were no increases (All salaries, except justices and town board members are going up).  Town expenditures have been greatly reduced in my first two budgets.  (What happens in this town’s budgets is that the department heads submit their wish lists.  Marianne puts the numbers together. The Supe meets with them and together they pare them down.  Marianne puts the numbers together, and they submit the budget to the town board.  At that point the budgets are town board budgets.  Mr. Tendy first worked on a budget in 2002.  His first budget action was to cut the fund balance by $427,000 to offset a tax increase.  In 2006, with three other members of the Town Board, he cut the fund balance by $600,000.  He has since tried to fix the damage that he, himself had done.  For seven years, the wrong direction of the Town is his.   The bad budgets are his.)


 Robert Tendy

Putnam Valley Town Supervisor


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