I am going to try to provide definitions and/or explanations of some of the terms used, as readers have commented on things they don’t understand.  If you know know what a term means, please do not hesitate to ask.

*executive session – New York State law provides for public access to meetings, and to governmental information.  Government must conduct its business in public.  A quorum of board members discussing government business is a public meeting.  A decision making board, however,  may hold certain sessions in private for very specific reasons – personnel, contracts, or litigation. The subject of the litigation must be announced.

*PB – planning board

*ZBA – zoning board of appeals

C.O. – certificate of occupancy, issued by the buildiing department, before occupancy

SEQR(A) – State environmental quality review (act), an environmental review that is required by all decision making boards before a determination is made on a project.

EAF – an environmental assessment form, the beginning of the environmental review process for governmental boards.  A standard questionnaire, the long or short version may be requested.

FOIL – Freedom of Information law, federally FOIA – Freedom of Information Act. The public has the right to know what their government is doing, and can request copies of most documents in hard copy, fax or email. 25 cents a page for copies. It is now used as a verb – to FOIL a document.

impermeable surface – there is a distinction made between permeable and impermeable surfaces or pervious and impervious surfaces in building projects.  Permeable surface is the surface on a site that water can run through, instead of running off the property.  It becomes very important in the planning of a project.  Stormwater is not supposed to run off the site project at any stage.

Old Muttonchops – also OMC – a reference to Bob Tendy’s unusual choice for facial hair.

TB – Town Board

If your basements floods from road runoff or a neighboring building project, you know what this means.


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