2017 – We won’t be taking back our elections in 2017.  No local election – only entrenched party hacks.  Write in.  If you can get some neighbors together, pick someone, and everyone write them in.

2 nice guys, running for County Legislator.  Bill Gouldman with a lot of party experience.  Anthony Williams with very little experience, but a desire to make government work better.  It will probably fall along the same old lines of entrenchment.

The Sheriff’s race – Sheriff Smith’s legal problems should have, at least, engendered some humility. Time to try something else, but Putnam County never shies away from pols with legal troubles.

The Constitutional Convention – quite a mess of public relations on both sides, exaggeration, mistruth, passion.  We could use some state reorganization, but this does not appear to be the moment.

There are two more proposals on the ballot.  One is for a land swap of 250 acres.  Read it.  The other regards public pensions.



Elections 2015

You know how important I think local elections are. We the people need to take back our lives and our elections.

Putnam Valley Supervisor
Sam Oliverio v. Jacqueline Annabi
We need a change, vote for Sam O. Restore civility to local government.

Putnam Valley Town Board – Vote for 2.
The ballot will tell you to vote for 2. People in the know will tell you to vote a bullet for your preference, that is vote for 1. The Democrats failed to field 2 candidates for Town Board, but don’t let that stop you from fielding your own. There are 2 incumbents running, but I would give the diligent redhead a shot. Vote for Cathy Hanson. I am fielding my own candidate for the other seat. I will write in Dawn Powell.

Town Justice
Again, the Democrats failed to field a candidate. The long time incumbent running is Louis DiCarlo. I think that the Democrats should have considered long time Dem and PV resident, Kevin Griffin. I will write him in.

Town Clerk
Sherry Howard v. Ellen Hayes

County Legislator
Only a small piece of PV is in this district, but you count too.
Lithgow Osborne is challenging incumbent Barbara Scuccimarra. Let’s go for a Dem in the county legislature. Really, what judge decided this was a democratic form of governing the county.

To the Editor:

For those of us who complain about taxes and the inefficiency of local and state government, this is an important election. Interim elections directly impact our quality of life. Our State Senator, Terry Gipson, has been a responsive and effective leader. We need to keep him in Albany.
We have two terrific candidates in adjoining districts for State Assembly, Andrew Falk, and Justin Wagner, who can help us start the process of making the state accountable to the residents.

And on the county level, we can bring technology and efficiency to the County Clerk’s office with a vote for Lithgow Osborne. I can imagine how much the employees would like a well run department.

For County Legislature, Jeff Green Is running in the Kent, Patterson district. He will bring integrity, intelligence and transparency to the county. We know that he will always tell us the truth.
Your vote counts, and we can have the government we want if we participate locally.

Dawn Powell

There was a Putnam Examiner article about Sam Oliverio’s possible run for County Executive. Then there was a letter to the editor from Tony Scannapieco deriding that candidacy. Mr. Scannapieco is the Republican Commissioner of the Board of Elections. Surprising. What was the point? There shouldn’t be a Democratic candidate? We all know that Putnam County is Republican controlled, but more and more Democrats are stepping up for these elections. Times change. Isn’t it early for the personal attacks?

Adopt cats. Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.

We’re supposed to buy from small businesses tomorrow. Hop over to Cold Spring. You can start at Side Effects.


And then there is the Ball political event at the VFW…Your tax dollars, non-profit status, and he’s not even our representative.

Poor taste all around.

Elections 2013
I won the Independence primary. I will be on the Independence and Democratic lines in the general elections on November 5. I have been endorsed by Eleanor’s Legacy.

Dawn Powell for Town Board

“I am running to decrease our tax burden, encourage more voices, and restore a truly democratic process.”

Town Hall is our first access to government and directly affects the quality of our lives. We need to have political conversation again, with everyone talking about ideas and opinions concerning our community. That’s why I’m running for Putnam Valley Town Board.

Town building improvements seem haphazard, unplanned and expensive. Six years after our unanimously passed Comprehensive Plan, we do not have an updated wetlands law, a protected biodiversity corridor, or ridgeline protection. There is still no updated zoning code. Are we still interested in these? How can we act locally?

We need new solutions.

I have a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and a D.C. from New York Chiropractic College. I have been in private practice as a chiropractor since 1985, and I have worked for our Town, gaining invaluable experience in local government.

Like the community facebook pages – Lake Peekskill and Putnam Valley.

Email me atDawnPowell4PV@yahoo.com

Election Confusion

2012 – This year has been a confusing one for the elections is Putnam Valley.  Redistricting, multiple primaries, and reps who don’t even know who they represent.

Right now, in Putnam Valley, our State Assemblywoman is Sandy Galef, who has done quite a job of keeping us informed, and will represent us until the end of the year.  We cannot vote for Sandy.

We have been really lucky though.  A Putnam County resident has stepped forward to run, Andrew Falk, and he will represent the new district well.  There was a primary for the Republicans, and I don’t know if the winner of that primary even knows where our town is.  He didn’t win here.

We have been redistricted everywhere.  Greg Ball is our state Senator, but will not be after January 1.  There is a 3 way race for Putnam Valley.  Terry Gipson is our candidate, and is quite accessible and a great candidate.  For the primary, one of his opponents spent more than $225,000 for a very slim win.  I have heard that he has spent $350K at this point.  Even Vinnie Leibell didn’t spend that kind of money.

And we have been redistricted for our Congressional Race.  Our Representative has not changed there, but if you send a comment to your rep now, it will go to the 19th congressional district, and you will be voting for a rep for the 18th congressional district.  Nan has not been responsive.  Try something new – Sean Patrick Maloney.  I heard him speak on Tuesday.  I liked him.

And although it is not a new district, a small piece of Putnam Valley, over by Lake Oscawana, will be voting for a new county legislator.  Vinnie Tamagna will be term limited out this year, and Steven Rosario is a great candidate for replacement.  The Democratic candidates for County Legislator are very impressive this year.

You can check them all out on their websites, and on facebook.

Andrew Falk for NYS Assembly

Terry Gipson for NYS Senate

Sean Patrick Maloney for US House of Representatives

Steven Rosario for County Legislature in District 8

On the local Town Board level, there is only one candidate. Write in.

You have until October 12 to register to vote.  Online at the DMV site, or download a form from the Putnam County Board of Elections.


Election 2011


Politics in the Valley are so strange.   This year is no exception.  It is a local election, and the Dems who have reverted back to their stale, old keelless state have not disappointed.  They fielded no candidates of their own for 3 seats.  At the county level, they did not field a candidate for District Attorney.  And the Republicans have given us the same old, same old, same old…..same old.  The bully Bob, and his boys.  It has been 9 years of Bob.  It won’t get better unless you make it better.

But beyond the numbing tedium of the Tendy/Zarcone/Leibell /Oliverio politics, it is like turning over a rock, and finding life teeming beneath.

First there was the Highway Superintendent race.  For years, it was Earl, and for the last 3 terms, everyone talked about his retirement.  The plan was that he would retire a little early and his deputy highway superintendent would be next in line.  That is not just an Earl mandate.   There are lots who believe it is up to them to predetermine how things will happen when they move on, or when someone else does.  That’s how Bob got there in the first place.  There were a few challenges to Earl, not the least of which was a noteworthy effort from Mark Pawera last time.

Gary’s a nice guy.  He is a good shopper, online, seeks out good equipment at good prices.  He is the reason that Lake Peekskill was able to get sturdy and affordable equipment for their garbage routes.  He has good computer skills, and probably better budgeting skills than his predecessor.  He learned his way around MS4 – that all important stormwater program that tries to address the flooding and pollution that comes from destroying wetlands, stream buffers, hills and valleys, building houses and roads.  And he has worked hard on the Lake Oscawana plan.

Then, there was that pesky tailgate that was reported stolen and rumored to have turned up in the possession of another PV player.  The Highway Superintendent was arrested.  Bob said that the Sheriff was wrong.  The judges recused themselves, and once it was out of our Town Court, it was never heard from again.  The Highway Superintendent retired, and the issue just rolled around in the brains of townsfolk who never knew quite what to think.  It’s an election year.  Stuff like that does not smoothly disappear.

So then, our infamous bully made it clear who the next Highway Superintendent would be.  But in that arrogance, he didn’t help his pick.  And others were already grumbling about not wanting Bob’s selection.    And so a revolution of sorts was born.  Oddly, the Democrats picked Bob’s pick.   Then the Republicans picked Bob’s pick even though the challenger is a Republican and Gary is not.  That never seems to work.  And it didn’t.

But the backfire was stronger than that.  The Conservatives, who seem more like the old, stale Democrats, retaliated too, and gave the nomination to the challenger, as well as to the Democrats.   Hmmmm…..

The Conservatives hold a caucus.  I think that the rules should change.  Everyone in a party that caucuses should be notified of a caucus, and the rules should be set by the state, and consistent.  It is hard to know if the Conservatives were driven by the Highway Supe race, or by Sam Oliverio, always a Cons favorite, or by Sal Santamorena, the head for quite awhile.  He’ll be taking over the Dem party next.

You have to wonder what their point was or what their underlying convictions are.

So now Larry Cobb, a very nice guy, who has been a solid part of this town, has endorsements from the Democrats, the Independence party, the Conservatives, and out of the blur, the Working Families Party.  The very odd manifestation of the Working Families Party in Putnam County has only endorsed one candidate in the county.  I find that to be rather odd, but in this county, their behavior has been very odd.

And good guy Gary finds himself off on his own, with only the Democratic line.  But it is at the top of the ballot now, and will be easier to find because the petition party, We The People,(ya gotta love the shamelessly patriotic slogan that doesn’t actually mean anything), will clutter the ballot for the other Democrats.

Then, there was that other race that got interesting when the Republicans endorsed someone smart and competent to oppose Sam Oliverio.  Sam should have term limited out this year, but I conjecture that the price of his vote for term limits was giving him one more term.  Maybe some of you aren’t tired of Sam’s politics, his party affiliation born out of his support for the police force that no one except the old Democrats wanted.  I do think that his flyer for criminal Leibell in the last election cycle should give you pause.  Sam says that he only made the mistake that the voters made, but they didn’t send out a flyer to everyone telling them to vote for Vinnie.   And he seems to think that because he has held public office forever that his opponent’s lack of political entrenchment should make you vote against the opponent.  When you are there forever, I guess you don’t know that it makes no sense.

While I do not appreciate Dr. Beals’ connection to Nan Hayworth, probably born of medicine, not politics, I see some signs in Beals that he can rise above the political fray, and represent the Town well at the County level.  Putnam Valley really could use some representation.  I hope at some point that he will rethink the creature sacrifice thing.

So back to Vinnie Leibell – the Republicans in our town were very tied to Vinnie’s politics, and after all, Sam hasn’t been a Dem all that long in the scheme of things.  And Bob Tendy likes Vinnie so very much, he wrote a letter to tell the judge that it was wrong to put him in jail.  He’s one of the best people Bob knows.  That tells you something.

So the Vinnie love was part of the Cinque, Yetter, Tendy regime, and Sam O’s reign, and Priscilla’s sway, and none of us has been the better for it.

And then there was the whole distorted Gibbons’ affair.  The old widower is out of his house and none of the guys who are well tied to Zarcone did or even said anything.  Sometimes all you can do is speak out against an injustice.  They didn’t even do that.  Sam O testified against the sick old guy, and he is Marie’s pick.  He’s family.  Tendy was John Zarcone’s law partner.  Bob Cinque is in his office.  So is Mike Raimondi and Jackie Annabi’s husband.  So there you’ve got the Town Board and the Planning Board.

But the oddest thing in this sordidness is that the Independence Party was staunchly opposed to Vinnie, and recognized him as a crook before his election.  Thus their support of Mary Ellen Odell, who stepped up to oppose Vinnie.  But then they endorsed all the Leibell boys on our Board.  And Greg has been here, so that we will forget that they were solidly in the Leibell camp.  We have a $15K monument on Singer Beach and a plan for a $250K office for Bob to remind us that Leibell has been a big favorite for the Republicans and Sam O.

So Putnam Valley has made the most of a small understated election with little noise.

Meet the Candidates in Lake Peekskill on October 17 at 7PM at the Lake Peekskill Community Center.  Have fun.

And where you have no choice, it’s very easy to write in on the new ballots.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.

Free the turkeys.


Petitions, ballot access

To be on the ballot (except for the Conservative Party), a candidate must have signatures on petitions from registered party members.   Some fraud on a petition is a felony.

In 2009, there was a Putnam County prosecution regarding petition fraud, and back in 2005, there was another one.  But how is it decided who should be prosecuted?  Back in 2007, petitions were presented to the Board of Elections and to the DA’s office with allegedly questionable signatures.  It is doubtful that there was even an investigation.

Back in 2005, while the witness to the petitions was prosecuted, the petitions were not thrown out and the positions on the ballot were unaffected.  The petitions were determined to be fraudulent, yet the ballot position was protected.  In the past year’s prosecution, the candidate withdrew, but his name remained on the ballot.

Are we to believe that the these were the only petitions that contained these defects, or that this particular prosecution was political?  Has the system changed for the better or was this merely a way of eliminating the competition?

I would like to see the rules evenly applied.  That has not been my experience.

The new voting machines have taken us a long way in providing clean, verifiable results, and Putnam County had two clearcut tests of the process with the primary results of Patricia Villanova and  James Borkowski.  That was a major advance for the electorate, greatly assisted by Assemblywoman Sandra Galef and the advocacy of Margaret Yonco-Haines.

We know now that we can clean up the process.  Let’s keep moving forward and scrutinize the petition process.

My campaign – November 2009.
Loss to machine politics.  An 11% (now 9.5%) tax increase in Putnam Valley wins, and there will be no change. Nine years of Bob Tendy……  Eight years of Wendy Whetsel……
Out of the darkness comes Dawn

Out of the darkness comes Dawn

was endorsed by: The Putnam Valley Democratic Committee,   The New York State Independence Party,  The Westchester/Putnam Central Labor Body AFL-CIO,     The Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee

*** Mr. Tendy wants a raise.  He works part time as Supervisor.  His budget increase is 11.86%.****  We cannot afford him. We cannot afford Wendy either.

I had two prominent public figures congratulate me on my honesty during this election season.  Apparently, honesty in elections is not rewarded.

The Leibell/Sayegh machine now holds our entire Town Board.   I was endorsed by the Democrats and the Independence Party, the AFL-CIO Central labor Body, and the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee.  I did a credible job in three debates.  Those who supported me know a quite different candidate than who is perceived by the rest.  It is quite a huge disconnect.  Since I know the person they are supporting, it is hard for me to understand the other perception.

Progressive Democrats are not as smart about their politics as right wing conservatives are.  Voters did not come out in numbers, but political machine voters did.  And they actually voted to increase their taxes by 11%.  Surprising, but if Republicans raise taxes, it is somehow okay.  I, certainly, did not have my finger on the pulse of Putnam Valley.  It was a clear anti-environment, pro-taxes, pro-entrenchment vote.  And don’t they understand that all Bob’s stuff was politics?

Putnam County generally did poorly.  Interestingly, it was the Republicans who were seeking change.   I tend to think of Democrats as the population for change.  But in the County Sheriff’s race, it was the Republicans who almost defeated incumbent Don Smith in the primary. And in Putnam Valley, it was the Republicans who voted for Patty Villanova over new politico, Esther McHenry for that spot on the ballot.  Ms. McHenry, who has not been involved in Town government at all, was quickly appointed to the Ethics Board.  She held that position during her political run, an interesting twist.  The Ethics Board seems to be a stepping stone for political power.  It didn’t work for Ms. McHenry.  Patty, though defeated, did well in her attempt.  She came close to the second place machine candidate.

After the last Town Board meeting, Bob actually showed some humanity.  That was the first time in four years, that I have ever seen that.  He is a mean guy.  Gannett had done an interview earlier in the day, and verbally assaulted me on a raise that never happened (live).  They misreported the facts in the beginning (4 years ago), and they will never admit it, and never let it go.  Their behavior was rude, insulting, sexist, and ridiculous.  Mr. Tendy attacked at the moment and continued the same lies, but later said they were out of line.  (Funny, Dan thought he had put them up to it.)  Too bad he couldn’t have been human in front of the camera, although mean seems to work for him.  Gannett (Journal News, lohud) has never reported accurately in Putnam Valley, and it seems that they believe that their interpretation of my sex life is more important than an 11.86% tax increase, or inefficiency in our Town government, or a taxpayer funded $300,000 wall, or a $54,000 videographer or just about anything.     According to Gannett, women do not exist as separate individuals, and have no merit, and you just are not going to tell them any differently. And lies work, just keep repeating them. And, of course, they never reported Bob’s intended raise.  They never do.  I don’t read their paper.  They do however, have an active and interesting public blog, though, they could be more responsive when that blog gets abusive.

The other really low moment in all of this was at the LPCA debate when Bob berated me for being with my mom, who is in hospice, instead of going to his Lake Peekskill party.

While a Councilman, Mr. Tendy succeeded in cutting the fund balance to a dangerously low level, raising the taxes repeatedly, and blaming someone else.  He succeeded in shelving the zoning code, and once again, rendering the Comprehensive Plan impotent.  He went into this election, wanting a raise, raising taxes, and blatantly lying about it.  Razzle Dazzle ‘em.

He has been your representative for the last seven years.  He was a law partner with John Zarcone, Jr., and made a meteoric rise to politician.  The only elected voice that the Democrats have had since Chickie, was Sam.  Yet he has successfully managed to blame all of his misdeeds on someone else.

It is a remarkable ability, one that I will never try to master.

I’m proud that I stepped up, and that I tried. It’s hard to take on a strong Republican machine.  It is hard to take on the bullies.  And often, as this time, it doesn’t work.  There was a vandalized car, a swastika, a flattened tire, a bogus ethics complaint, and on and on and on.

There was also a bill from that ethics attorney, Leventhal (you know the man who comes to town hall to tell the employees how to be ethical) on March 1, 2007, who Bob and Dan had to hire to defend the town against me?  One of the billed amounts was a telephone conference with John Zarcone re background; and a telephone conference with a private investigator.

A private investigator – did they really need a private investigator to look into me?  And did the lawyer need to talk to John Zarcone about me? Isn’t this a bit over the top even for them?

Intimidation and bullying come in lots of forms.

And the Council person who signed the voucher?   Wendy Whetsel.

Ah yes, it’s been fun, and the fun promises to continue.  Last time I was in Town Hall, for the Board meeting, one town employee was really, really rude to me.  Not the first time, won’t be the last.  I was wondering what I had done this time.  It’s a closed club there.  I think that it was because of the fire department.  I hadn’t even seen the story, but it was somehow my fault.

And of course, if there are safety violations that we should know about, and if there was a lie on the grant application, it’s being done with the best of intentions. And we know where good intentions lead.

So what’s next?

Life is never what you expect.

Competence, not Razzle, Dazzle

I want to thank 593 voters who cast an informed vote, who saw past the media and political spin, who got to know me, and who care about the economic and environmental state of this community.

For the next election, you each need to educate two other voters about the issues that are important for the future of the town.  Thank you all.


It is a remarkable level of razzle dazzle that in an election year, in the worst economic state in recent memory, that the Supervisor requested a $5000 raise, is willing to settle for a $3500 raise, comes to Town Hall part time while he continues his law practice, believes it is okay because he says he will not vote on his raise (we do not have a line item veto – the budget is voted on as a whole), and has presented his 11.86% tax increase as a 5% increase.

The lyrics to Razzle Dazzle ’em from Chicago, the musical.

Roxie, you got nothing to worry about.
It’s all a circus, kid. A three ring circus.
These trials- the wholeworld- all show business.
But kid, you’re working with a star, the biggest!

Give ’em the old razzle dazzle
Razzle Dazzle ’em
Give ’em an act with lots of flash in it
And the reaction will be passionate
Give ’em the old hocus pocus
Bead and feather ’em
How can they see with sequins in their eyes?

What if your hinges all are rusting?
What if, in fact, you’re just disgusting?

Razzle dazzle ’em
And they;ll never catch wise!

Give ’em the old Razzle Dazzle

Razzle dazzle ’em
Give ’em a show that’s so splendiferous

Row after row will crow vociferous

Give ’em the old flim flam flummox
Fool and fracture ’em

How can they hear the truth above the roar?

Roar, roar, roar!

Throw ’em a fake and a finagle
They’ll never know you’re just a bagel,

Razzle dazzle ’em
And they’ll beg you for more!

Give ’em the old double whammy
Daze and dizzy ’em
Back since the days of old Methuselah
Everyone loves the big bambooz-a-ler

Give ’em the old three ring circus
Stun and stagger ’em
When you’re in trouble, go into your dance

Though you are stiffer than a girder
They’ll let you get away with murder
Razzle dazzle ’em
And you’ve got a romance

COMPANY(The same time as BILLY’s)
Give ’em the old
Razzle Dazzle

Give ’em the old Razzle Dazzle
Razzle dazzle ’em
Show ’em the first rate sorceror you are
Long as you keep ’em way off balance
How can they spot you’ve got no talent
Razzle Dazzle ’em

Razzle Dazzle ’em
Razzle Dazzle ’em

And they’ll make you a star!

2 letters to the editor:

Preposterous Campaign Remarks

Some preposterous things are said in promises to constituents before elections.

“We are keeping the tax increase below 5%.” 

 The budget to budget increase for the Town is 6.3%.  The actual tax increase is 11.86%.  And if your assessment stayed the same, your taxes will go up more than that.  The major topic for discussion at 3 Town Board work sessions has been the Supervisor’s proposed $3500 raise.  Despite his attempts to change the subject, that raise is still in the budget.  He tells us that $70,000 is not enough to pay the Supervisor, failing to mention the additional $7280 he is paid as chief budget officer.  The public hearing on his salary increase is the day after the election.  I say we should have the public hearing on November 3.  You get to vote on this issue.  Vote against his proposed pay raise.

If our seniors are not getting an increase in their social security, then our Supervisor and managers should also get no increase in their salaries.  Add to that the fact that this supervisor has maintained his criminal law practice while Supervisor, and does not believe that the job requires his full time attention.  He said himself that Supervisor is a full time job.  He just doesn’t bother to do it that way.

An 11.86% tax increase is unconscionable in this economic climate.

Vital services.  Lean government.

“We are going to give retirement incentives, up to $30,000 to eliminate unnecessary jobs, and to hire employees at lower salaries.” Because the Town Board members were all told that we don’t need retirement incentives to eliminate unnecessary jobs, we are now being told that all the jobs are essential, and all will need replacement.  This program has been approved without benefit of any numbers provided to the public to justify the giveaway.  And the giveaway is slated for this year, in a very difficult budget.

The Wall” was mandated by ‘common sense.’

  I’m grateful to know that we had such a strong legal mandate for spending $300,000 of taxpayer money for this project, and that it was so carefully planned.  We are now told that we are being sued because we went onto private property for this repair of a “huge wall” that was leaning into the creek.  The Peekskill engineer said at a public meeting that the necessary repair shouldn’t cost more than $95,000. We were also told that no taxpayer money was spent on the project.  That’s a bald-faced lie.

I am in favor of the Peekskill Hollow Road project.”  “The County Legislature has shown political cowardice in listening to their constituents on the subject of Peekskill Hollow Road.” “The County has handled this whole project badly.” “ I am only in favor of needed repairs to the road.” “I want to applaud the Town Board for their efforts to protect the road.”   “The plans do not include four foot shoulders.”

 While everyone is falling all over each other trying to take credit for the changes in the Peekskill Hollow Road project, there are only three candidates in the race who have consistently and avidly championed the public and the residents in this battle, and they are the only ones you can count on to continue it.  We are not out of the woods on this one, and only I, Patty Villanova, and Sam Davis have been consistent in our stances and actions to protect the road.  There’s a lot of jumping on the bandwagon.  You can view the plans at the library and at putnamvalleyresidents.org.  These are still the approved plans, with five lanes at Oregon Corners, and widening of the road and shoulders.

In all fairness, Jackie Annabi has not been involved in this, but seems to be fully supportive of the efforts of the Friends of Peekskill Hollow Road.

My door is always open.” – On Thursdays, at least, he is not there, preferring to practice law. And he has publicly yelled at so many people, why would anyone go in to talk to him?  He is not the warm and fuzzy sweetie he would like us to believe.  We have his yelling on tape.

“I am your voice.” – Huh?  Has anyone tried to talk to her?  Like her mentor, she doesn’t return phone calls, and when you try to ask a question, you get evasions, and the cold shoulder.

“The highway department can provide $250,000 of in kind services to Lake Oscawana if they get their grant.”  “If we went over that amount, I would be concerned about it.”

Apparently $250,000 is not a lot of money for the Town to provide for the highway department to work on Lake Oscawana.  And apparently the highway department laborers have nothing else to do but fix Lake Oscawana.  And should the Lake Oscawana community get stuck paying their own bill, well, it’s only $250,000.  I’ve heard that’s not a big deal.

Lake Peekskill has been unable to get their entrance sign repaired for more than a year.

The major Lake Peekskill project has been a $15,000 monument at Singers Beach.  That is an important use of government funds in tough times, brought to you by Supervisor Tendy and State Senator Vincent Leibell.  Thanks for being so responsive to the community.

“If you want responsive government, you have to vote for it.”

That’s not such a preposterous campaign statement.  That one’s from me.  If you think a $3500 pay raise, an 11.86% tax increase, and the same old stale stories are okay, vote for the guy.   

If you want accountability, effectiveness and commitment, vote for me.

November 3 Vote Dawn Powell for Supervisor.

The Facts – no Razzle Dazzle

The current Supervisor of Putnam Valley has served on the board since Novemeber 2002.  During that time, it was incumbent upon him to familiarize himself with cost-cutting, and labor-saving methods. Government efficiency and efficacy was the issue discussed in the PCNR article.

A date-time stamp, while not a major campaign issue, is a standard business, government, and court device, used  to ensure proper legal documentation while making efficient use of employees” time.

Some labor-saving devices cost money and use electricity.  We could go back to manual typewriters to save electricity, instead of using computers, but that would be enormously wasteful, and would cost a great deal in labor hours.

In his very long tenure on the Town Board, the current Supervisor has not cut taxes, has created unnecessary jobs, and has repeatedly reduced the general fund balance to balance his bad budgets.

Additionally, he has maintained his criminal law practice while Supervisor, shortchanging the taxpayers.

He is a wasteful, short-sighted, and inefficient politician.
I trust that a publication of the caliber of PCNR will report the facts.

 Business as usual.  No changes in Putnam Valley.  Just higher taxes.

Running for supervisor

My posts over the last month have diminished, as I have embarked on a new goal.  Not content to just report on what is happening in the Town of Putnam Valley, I want to change the way we do business here, and impact the issues that I have elaborated. I gave a lot of thought to this decision.  This is the right time for me to run for Supervisor.

But aside from politics, there is a lot going on right now that needs reporting.

The project on Peekskill Hollow Road requires constant vigilance.  We do not want to see a four lane intersection at Oregon Corners.

The ill-conceived Oregon Corners plan does not address the needs of the community.  Now, with two applications withdrawn – Mema’s and the Putnam County Savings Bank, we need more effective planning than this current administration has shown.

Enforcement issues continue to plague the Town, and that must be addressed.

The Comprehensive Plan began the process of planning for our needs.  The draft zoning code was the first step in implementing that plan.  This administration shut down the process.  And now, there is an attorney for the cemetery project, who has stated that the new code will make his client’s use a listed use in the zoning.  That isn’t part of our Town’s plan.

We need to implement our community’s vision, not the developers’.

And we need to allow our community to move forward without bullying, and without divisive political agendas.

Petition time is upon us.  In New York State, in order to run for office, candidates must have signatures of registered voters in their party.  It is a time consuming process. You can help.  The Democratic Committee’s email address is pvdems@ optonline.net.  Our website is putnamvalleydemocrats.wordpress.com. The Democratic Town Board candidates are Chris Lieberman and Sam Davis.  The judicial candidate is Gina Capone.  The County Sheriff candidate is Kevin McConville. Let us know when and where we can obtain your signature.

This has left us with a lack of reportage.  I am running for Putnam Valley Supervisor.  Patty Villanova is running for Putnam Valley Town Board on the Republican line.  Jeff Green is running for Kent Town Board.  Bear with us in this busy time.  We will still try to get the news to you.

My Candidacy

I am running because the politics of favoritism and special interests is costing too much money and forcing people out of their homes.

I am endorsed for Putnam Valley Town Supervisor by the Putnam Valley Democratic Committee as of May 21, and by the Putnam County Democratic Committee as of May 28.

I have been involved in my community and in town issues for years.  We are in a critical state here because of high taxes, and of course the national and worldwide recession. We need responsive and creative leadership.  Building more houses increases our taxes and depletes our limited resources.  This ruins the rural character of our town, yet our current leadership has supported every new development.  We need new solutions and greater efficiency, as well as implementation of our Comprehensive Plan.

My mission will be to hold Town Government accountable for every tax dollar spent.  Resources are limited. Families are doing everything possible to stretch their funds.  The Town must do the same.  Local government cannot burden our residents at an ever-increasing rate.  My goal is to provide relief to taxpayers by eliminating duplication and waste, and by streamlining services.

Over the past year, I have been reporting about Town meetings on Plan Putnam and Points – at DawnPowell.wordpress.com.

I have a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and a DC from New York Chiropractic College.  I have been in private practice for many years, and of course, I have worked for the Town. That was invaluable for hands on experience of all facets of government in action.



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