About me


After years of local advocacy and working in Town Hall, I have learned a lot.  I believe this information will help the public understand board meetings and events happening in Putnam Valley.  I have been going to the Planning Board, Town Board, and some Zoning Board meetings, and have reported on what is happening.  Putnam Valley is a lively Town.

Impartiality is a myth.  Everyone perceives events through their own set of biases and emotional filters.  My intent is to put the information in the public realm.  Clearly my opinion of that information is included. I know that some people have enjoyed the content, and I hope that more residents will be involved effectively in local government.                    


Lake Peekskill Civic Association through 2008, preservation committee

Lake Peekskill Budget Committee


B.A. Sarah Lawrence College

D.C. New York Chiropractic College

Work Expreience

Administrative, Supervisory, Managerial experience, Private Practice, Personal injury Consultant.

Continuing Education

Child abuse prevention, violence prevention, nutrition, radiology, ethics, forestry, lakes ecology, archives, MS4, biodiversity, SEQRA, wildlife rehabilitation

Blog comments are monitored.  You can comment on specific topics here or at dawnpowell@gmail.com.


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