Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 7, 2016

Budget Hearings

The final budget hearings are Wednesday night.  There are still areas where the Town Board can do some trimming, but they probably will not.  You should tell them where you want them to cut anyway.  Maybe the next board will listen.  There is a public hearing about overriding the tax cap.  If the proposition doesn’t pass, they are planning to override the cap.  It appears that the library is about 2.8% of the budget.  So our increase will be higher than the projected 2% if the proposition passes.

The Board is planning to pass the budget the same night, so they are not planning to pay a lot of attention to the public, but one can always hope.  It is time to elect a Board that will seriously trim the fat.

What does the town have to say about a liquor license at O’Connor’s?  I guess we will find out.



  1. I just don’t get it about the library line in the budget. After all that was discussed on this blog, I was under the impression that the TB was going to remove the library money from the budget if the Prop passes. Wouldn’t that cause the tax rate to go down because that would be $320,000 LESS in the budget? Why would that cause them to blow the cap?

    • Misunderstanding. They will not be blowing the cap if the bond passes. Our taxes will be going up more than the 2% because we will still be paying it, and the amount will be higher. It will just be somewhere else.

  2. We have 2 budgets on our Homepage. One that includes the Library (+2.008% increase) and one that doesn’t include the Library (-.85%). 2.008% will be the highest rate increase if the 414 fails, -.85% will be the lowest rate if it passes.

    • But we will still be paying the bill. More if it passes.

  3. Responding to Sam O.- I think that at one point you did say that if the Proposition passes, the Library budget money will be removed entirely and the money will not be put into other lines thereby resulting in the numbers you mentioned above. Although, as Dawn points out, the taxpayers will still be paying the $320,000, but it will become a separate line on our tax bills.

  4. So they will be blowing the tax cap unless they make some cuts tomorrow night.

  5. I guess since the Library Prop failed they will be funding the Library from the budget as indicated.

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