Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 23, 2016


Anyone who disagrees with this odd proposition hates the library.  We all want it to close.  Great way to have a civil discussion.



  1. Dawn- what exactly are you talking about?

  2. Priscilla posted this on Lake Peekskill News this AM, so apparently if you don’t like this 414 concept of taxes going to a private organization, you are a book burner. She already has fans.

  3. Priscilla is a lying liar. How the hell does she get away with this crap?

  4. I didn’t know that the Library officially needs to be Saved. The truth is that it is just about obsolete, sad to say. If it wasn’t for the taxpayers footing the bills, the library would have been close years ago. Last year when they tried this scam the first time, the library board fudged the number of actual visitors they had. The scanning device that they had was defective. Wonder if they ever changed

    But getting back to the proposition. The wording is deceptive. People think it’s just $27,800 one time.

    Truth is- $320,000 a year. Can never be reduced.

    Priscilla and the library board people are liars.

    VOTE NO.

  5. I was told there’s a “yes” sign at the LP temple. Is that true?

  6. On the library’s website ( is a message urging a YES vote for Proposition 1. It reads:
    “Election Day — after you vote for President and the local candidates, turn over your ballot — and vote “YES” for Prop 1 to create sustainable funding for the Putnam Valley Library.”

    Since the library is a tax-funded organization, isn’t it ILLEGAL (and UNETHICAL) for the library to be urging a vote either for or against a specific ballot proposition?

    Whistling Willie

    • I don’t know if it is legal or ethical, and I don’t know how we would find out, but the way that 3 of the trustees have been going on on fb is enough to keep me away from the library as long as they are in place. People I’ve known for years are telling me how illiterate I am because I oppose the 414 and the misleading language of the prop. Really offensive tactics, and they don’t seem to be able to stop themselves.

    • My understanding is that like the school district, the library is not supposed to advocate for a YES vote. But nothing is stopping Priscilla and her supporters from not only promoting a YES vote, but they are also making all kinds of vile accusations against anyone who is against it. I can’t believe all the comments on FB- like Dawn said.

      Talk about a bunch of intolerant people.

  7. The good news is that the public is engaged, people are doing a lot of research and sharing information.

    • Dawn- I hope you are right. I have had a few “No” signs removed however.

      • removed from their own property? from yours? With all the accusations being thrown at us book-burners, I am impressed that anyone is willing to be public with their no votes.

  8. Nobody loves books more than me. In fact, I probably have more books in my home than the PV Library because I’m a collector. As a very young girl, I spent many hours in the PV Library in several of its past incarnations which included a shack in the Lake Peekskill parking lot as well as a house on MOrrissey Drive. The Libaray during those years was extremely important for so many reasons and It was a good thing that the town stepped in and began supporting it.

    Fast forward to the 21st century- the library is being used less than ever as everyone has a world class computer in their pocket or on their desk. The library is getting more money than ever while people are going elsewhere for their information.

    • I don’t know. The library was a community center. I have been to many programs there myself over the years. A place for people to use the computers, sit among books, teens to hang out after school, the children’s programs. I’m not sure that there is any other place that fills that need in the town.

      I don’t think that it should be a place that goes to war with the people or demean them for having a different opinion.

      Despite my kindle, nook, computer, etc., I still like books.

  9. Let me make something clear. I am in no way saying to shut down the library. What I am saying is that I don’t want to go to this new system of funding that creates a minimum budget of $320K that cannot be reduced.

    What’s wrong with the present system of having our elected town board contract with them every year or every two years, as they do now? If anything, the TB has been overly generous especially when you consider what the taxpayers get for the money.

    We know from experience what happens when you give them a blank check. There is no incentive to be careful with the money. The library has had PLENTY of money given to them over many years. They have reserves as well. Many people in town are struggling to pay mortgage and taxes yet Priscilla & Co. feel they should not be affected by this fact. They think they should get everything they want and then some.

    Sorry, but we should not have to pay for their fantasy. Let them learn to live within their means and face the same reality that we have to live with.

    • I agree that the current system is preferable to the proposed funding. Because the proposition is so misleading, and the propaganda says that the library will shut down if they don’t get a yes vote, I am concerned that voters will be confused.

  10. Another thing- there is something that you pointed out about the Library ALLOWING us to use their rooms for public access. That is probably the greatest service they perform and I salute them for it.



    Before the HS was built we were promised FULL PUBLIC USE – that it would be open for the public. NOT SO, NEVER HAPPENED.

    So yes, it is important that the library exists to let the public have a place to congregate.


    • I can’t see full public use, but some would be good. It has made the library more a part of the community. It would help with the other organizations. I agree.

  11. Is there any way to determine whether the “Vote Yes on Proposition 1” mailing was paid for with library funds (i.e., tax dollars)?

    • I would bet that it wasn’t. You can probably get copies of their invoices, but I would just ask. There are enough people to put money into that kind of a mailing without using library funds. Since it is legal to word propositions in such a misleading manner, without telling people what it is they are voting on, I wouldn’t count on its defeat.

    • A modification of my response. The return address says Friends of the Library. Does that entity still exist? Were moneys used for the mailing from contributions received for that purpose? It hard for me to imagine that the mail permit number is a Friends of the Library number. I would think that it was a misused library permit.

      And on the mailing, that one person, one vote nonsense is just that. And the numbers on the reverse side? $25 for an interlibrary borrow? What are they talking about? If I am going to buy a book, I am going to buy it. The library has nothing to do with it. Etc. – very strange numbers. That doesn’t inspire confidence.

  12. Luckily we dodged a bullet- for this year.

    Rest assured that this Proposition is going to become a yearly tradition with the Library- like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

    Thanks to everyone who got the word out. And save your signs.

    • Well, sort of. It is good that people researched, good that they got the word out, good that people understood what the misleading proposition actually meant.

      There was some not so good stuff. When you, Patty. feel the need to blame this on liberal Democrats, or whichever term you are using to denigrate people with whom you disagree on some issues, it demeans the process and the dialogue. Also in that category are the anti-library and book burning categorizations to evade discussion of the topic. Then, even worse, there was the anti-Semitic element to this conversation. I didn’t see that posted, but I heard plenty of it around town, and I was disgusted by it.

      Then, there are the 2 huge spending projects that are not getting the dialogue and energy they deserve. While the Annabi forces are trying to portray her as the savior of the taxpayers, the truth is that none of the Board members have any problem with uncontrolled spending. Some people expressed dismay at the 10% increase for the library’s relatively small budget, while saying nothing about the other high ticket items.

      Then there is the mess they are making of the zoning.

      So we saw some success, with a very dark underbelly.

    • I am already seeing comments about them bringing back the 414 next year. Yikes!

      • Yes it’s true. They even admit it. I guess it will be like the high school. Just keep trying till finally they get what they want.

        I wonder if there is anything that can be done to stop them once and for all. The situation at the library keeps getting worse.

        We are finding out that they have even more money than we thought and the town taxpayers have been very generous.

      • I amazes me that there is no momentary pause to consider the community that they exist t serve. Isn’t it supposed to be about the townsfolks’ needs?

      • The budget has been approved. Lots of money for Priscilla, Phil, Frank, Louie and all the rest. What I will never understand is how is it that less than a dozen people can decide what the other 10000 are going to do with their money.

      • or why they let them. So, for the parks and rec building, is there anything that can be done, other than voting them out?

      • During the coming months we are planning to start a petition drive to demand that we the people who will be paying for the fire house and the rec center, be allowed to vote.

        i will be posting details after the holidays but we really need to hold their feet to the fire with these projects which will no doubt exceed $20 million dollars by the time they’re finished.

      • I am glad to hear it. Wouldn’t it be nice if the library board and the town board cared what the community thought, and we didn’t have to fight to make them listen. By the next 414, there shouldn’t be anyone left who doesn’t understand what it is that the proposition actually means.

      • I am still amazed at how many people voted for it.

      • I’m not. They were selling it as supporting the library, that the opposition wanted to close it. They were saying it was all lies. Most people don’t read the local papers. Even though there are a lot of people on fb, it isn’t so many relative to the population. If anyone read Dan’s fact sheet, then called the library or SO, they got a very different story. I doubt that most people who signed the petition knew what they were signing onto.

      • The wording of the original petition that they had people sign was so inaccurate as to be borderline fraudulent. I would guess that 99.9% of everyone who signed it thought that they were agreeing to a one time payment of a measly $27,000. Of course most people thought that was nothing. Priscilla bragged that the language was perfectly legal and just what they had gotten from the 414 playbook. So they set out to deceive their neighbors and the taxpayers right from the beginning. That’s what made it so unconscionable.

  13. I didn’t know that the term “liberal Democrats” was a derogatory term. In fact I thought that many people wear that badge with pride.

    I have never written anything anti-Semitic.

    There was someone on FB who had a long involved history of the Jewish people of Put Valley and the formation of the PVCSD, etc. but I didn’t think that was anti-Semitic.

    Most people know that Jackie is a tax and spend politician regardless of what else she pretends to be.

    I have been writing about the most egregious issues for quite some time including the proposed $3 million rec center and the $14 million firehouse.

    Yes, it is too bad that more people aren’t interested in how their money is being spent.

    • You use “liberal Democrats” as an epithet to erroneously place blame. I am not to blame for the library 414, and I am a liberal Democrat. I am not to blame for the Parks and Rec proposal, etc.

      I was not accusing you of making anti-Semitic remarks. I did think that Michael’s remarks were bizarre, long-winded, and not helpful, but not anti-Semitic. I haven’t ever heard you say anything that I could vaguely consider to be anti-Semitic. But I did hear remarks that were offensive, and I am angry that that was part of this dialogue. .

      I know that you have written about the rec center and the firehouse. It is because of you that we were able to find out much of the info on the firehouse, all the while we were being told that we weren’t entitled to it. I would like to hear more than our 2 voices.

      I have, so far, come upon 2 people, other than pols, who want the rec center. That seems a bit out of touch with the expenditure.

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