Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 20, 2016

$2.9 million

for this rec center.

Well, at least Sam can’t pretend that there is no tax impact as it will be a new bond for more than double what they spent on the last bond. Sam says he ran on this, but I thought Whistling Willie had already outed him on changing his “beliefs” after the election.

Read Patty’s comments on the last 2 posts.

She didn’t say if there was a price yet for a new firehouse.



  1. I believe it was estimated to be in the $6-8 million range – they are not far enough along in the process to have more precise numbers. I believe that some of that total amount is already available in the Fire Department’s treasury, accumulated from reserves retained over the last several years.

    • Thanks for this information. I would like to know how far along they are, and what is being spent currently before there is a large increase in the fd budget.

      Aside from Patty V., I haven’t heard anyone talking about putting money aside for this building. Not an usound budgeting process, but lacking in transparency.

      Wasn’t there a major issue with the site when they were before the PB last time? Do we need 9 bays? Seems that there are a lot of bays at the ambulance corps.

  2. Last night’s meeting was instructive as regards spending priorities. When it came to stipends for town employees (e.g., the building inspector being paid an additional amount for also serving as the fire inspector), Sam O pushed for a small percentage increase (2%). He was outvoted 4-1. This actually saved very little money in the town budget.

    However, when it came to the big ticket items (rec center, firehouse), nary a peep was heard from the town board members during the public hearing part of last night’s session. This duplicity enables the town board members to foster the illusion that they tried to hold the line on spending, while doing nothing of the sort.

    Patty’s questioning as regards the bond that is being retired with a new (much more expensive) bond as its replacement hit the nail on the head. Which is why Phil Keating and Sam O did all they could to obfuscate the issue. The relevant question: What would the tax impact be if the old bond were NOT REPLACED with a new bond? That is the way to measure the tax impact of the rec center.

    Also, consider the assertion by Keating and Frank DiMarco that much of the spending for the rec center will be covered by monies already held by Parks and Rec. This conveniently avoids the fact that those monies came, in large part, from taxes extracted from town residents in the past; in other words, past tax impact. This never seems to surface in the discussions of this issue.

    Finally, when Dan Vera asked for a cost estimate of moving town offices into the vacated fire department space, he was told (by Sam O) that this hasn’t been discussed as of yet.

    If you bet that the misrepresentations of Sam O and the town board members couldn’t get any worse, you lose.

    Whistling Willie

    • Thanks for this rundown. I really appreciate it. I don’t understand how they voted no on a 2% increase. Didn’t they vote on that absurd manager’s contract that guarantees all of them a 2% increase?
      Why would they dig in their heels on this rec center? It is not as if the electorate is clamoring for it.

      • Those who were given a 2% raise in the new budget will get it. The 2% increase that was NOT approved was on additional salaries that are given to existing employees (if I understand correctly). So the Code Enforcement Officer may get his 2% raise, but he won’t get a 2% raise on his additional “stipend” as Fire Inspector (and all the other hats he wears). The increase on those additional “stipends” would have amounted to about $200 – and that is what the Board saved the Town by voting those down.

      • Thanks. Nice to have other eyes looking at this stuff.

      • Michael is correct. The vote on Wednesday had nothing to do with the 2% raise for salaries of managers. That raise was previously baked into the cake.

        The 4-1 vote in opposition was on Sam’s proposal to increase specific stipends (not to be confused with salaries) by 2% for certain employees who perform additional duties over and above their job descriptions. The amount of money saved by this vote was small potatoes.

        However, when it came to the rec center and the firehouse, Sam O and the town board members are prepared to let the good times roll.

        Whistling Willie

  3. I hope at least a few other people in town will watch the video and read this blog. Putnam Valley is being run like a dictatorship, and to be fair, it didn’t start with Sam, I put it all on Tendy who ruled with an iron fist. The thing that makes Sam so dangerous is that he comes off as a really nice guy who listens to what you say and pretends to want to help you. I wish that was the case but it’s not. Sam has his own agenda, as he puts it “for the greater good” and he will not be dissuaded.

    For all intents and purposes the other 4 buffoons on the board have abdicated all their power, first to BIC and now to SamO. They are lazy and incompetent and only interested in getting elected over and over again. They all just LOVE the money for nothing but mostly the POWER.

    The taxpayers have ZERO representation unless you are friends with someone in power.

    As near as I have been able to figure out, the unelected Shadow Government of PV consists of [ partial list]

    Phil Keating, Frank DiMarco, Rich Quaglietta, Fossil Florence, Maria Angelica, Frank Tansey, Ed McCarthy, Jan Johansen, Prsicilla Kerresey, Kathleen McLaughlin, Judy Travis, the planning and zoning boards, Ethics board, parks & rec commission.

    Make no mistake- these are the people who decide how our money will be spent. They have tremendous power over our lives, yet they were never elected to office. They are the Rulers of our Town. In some cases, like Phil, he has been in power for decades, just like an emperor.

    Also know, that unlike elected officials, these tyrants have no limits to their power. They answer to no one and are nearly impossible to get rid of, unless they commit an actual crime. How do you fire a volunteer or a town worker? Not easy.

    The people that read this blog are awake and aware. There are very few of us. All we can do is to keep on trying to educate our neighbors.

    Thanks to all of you who read this and write comments..

    • I don’t think crime takes them out.

  4. The video of the meeting is now up on the town website. See for yourself how Sam tried to stop Dan Vera from speaking, declaring that he could only speak on “agenda items” and not the library. Also note how the town attorney immediately jumped to Sam’s defense, declaring that Sam could make whatever rules he wanted about public comment! Fossil Florence sure knows which side his bread is buttered on.

    I have been lobbying to get rid of this creep who is doing so much damage to our town, just like what he did in Peekskill. He does not know the first thing about municipal and land use law, nor does he appear to know how to do legal research. I have yet to read any opinion that he’s written. He was a hack 30 years ago. He should just retire with his pension and stop being so freakin’ greedy.

    Then again, we can’t really blame Florence. It’s up to the town board members to get off their asses and get rid of him. Of course it’s so much easier to just do nothing and vote yes to everything proposed by Sam, just like they did with Tendy. Collect a paycheck for a no show part time job. And benefits too.

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