Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 18, 2016

Public Comment

Tomorrow night, Mr. O will be restricting public comment to 3 minutes.  He has been clear that he does not want to hear too much from the public.  If you are going to the meeting and don’t care to speak, consider giving your public comment time to someone who may want it.  Either read part of their comments, or cede your time to them.

I don’t think that the library resolution that is on the ballot can be explained in 3 minutes.  I do think that the public should know what they are voting for.




  1. For the time being it is 3 minutes per month per person for public comment.

    Tonight they overbooked the agenda and Sam was in a hurry to leave as were most everyone else.

    There were some excruciating speeches that went on way too long including Kathleen McLaughlin’s barely audible library report that you couldn’t hear and school supe Fran Wills who spouted her 20 minute propaganda piece that should have been cut off after the first 5 minutes.

    Sam wanted to only allow public comment on “agenda items” which apparently was some idea he latched on to as a way to move things along. He pulled that one just as Dan Vera was getting up to speak about the library prop and Sam started to lose it. I jumped up and went to the podium and luckily Steve and Jackie defended us. I was able to give my spiel and then Dan gave his presentation.

    Not to be outdone= she had to get in the last word- Sam’s GF Priscilla had to make sure she got in her pro library BS that misstated the proposition and left out the fact that this will be a permanent tax that can never be reduced.

    Vote NO on the Library proposition that will be somewhere on the Nov. 8 ballot.

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