Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 16, 2016

Your Tax Dollars

On Wednesday night, the town board will be talking about the parks and rec center.  The artchitect will be presenting the plan.  You have already  paid for the plan, a lot of money, and you have already paid for the engineer, even more money.

I will be watching the debate, but you might want to see what you will be paying for, for years to come.



  1. Dawn- the debate does not start till later in the evening. Just in case you want to come to the TB meeting.

    Don’t forget that this will be last chance for public comments before the election.

    We will be asked to vote on a permanent increase for the library budget. A budget that can never be decreased, only increased.

    We need to get the word out- vote NO on the library tax.

  2. I can’t handle that much agita in one evening!

    • Dawn- you were so smart not to attend the meeting- your head would have exploded. It dragged on and on. They simply had too many items on the agenda. It was a 2+ hour extravaganza and they were still going after I left.

      I will write more tomorrow but here are some highlights:

      1. Going back to your comment, Sam did try to limit “public comment” to only agenda items, when Dan Vera got up to speak after waiting almost 2 hours for his 3 months. There was an outcry from the floor (me) and even Jackie and Steve said it wasn’t fair. So I was able to speak my piece and then Dan.

      2. *** There were 2 major presentations for multi million dollar expenditures- the new firehouse ( WITH 9 BAYS!) as well as the, wait for it $2.9 MILLION DOLLAR REC CENTER!

      OK- YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. Phil Keating, an unelected member of the shadow government that actually seems to run Put Valley, got up with his hand picked architect, Joel Greenberg, and announced out of then air, that this 13,000 square foot monstrosity that he and Frank Dimarco decided they just had to have,

      So the plan is this- which I believe is totally illegal but will have to research- Dawn help me out on that if you know the answer. They plan to finish paying off the $1.35 million bond and THEN make a brand new $2.9 MILLION BOND to finance the Rec center that nobody seems to want but which now Sam says he ran for office on.

      Since when it is legal to float a $2.9 million bond without voter approval? This is a separate new bond.

      The new firehouse is another white elephant that was presented by the same case of characters who got caught with their pants down when they tried to get a Stimulus grant back in 2009 under very dubious circumstances.

      It is so easy to spend other people’s money.

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