Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 11, 2016

Firehouse Grants – Any help there?



  1. I sent Sam an email about the FD grants. Nobody knows that there are other ways to get money besides ripping off the local taxpayers.

    • It is magic money. It sits there just waiting for them to spend it, or they just raise taxes and get more. No fiscal responsibility at all.

  2. When is it going to end? This is not sustainable. Why doesn’t anyone on the board say a word or vote no? Sam is so much worse than Tendy, I never thought it was possible. IT’S A SHAME WE DON’T HAVE TERM LIMITS.

    • It wouldn’t help. We have term limits for the legislators and look at them. People have to step up to run and challenge the entrenched and voters have to vote against the entrenched. I don’t know how that is a possibility.

  3. Dawn- you know better than anyone how hard it is to run for office in this town if you’re not in the Club. It doesn’t matter if you’re an R or a D, there are certain people that the establishment will fight tooth and nail. I would love to run again next time but who will support me? I mean real support, the kind that’s given by the party to their chosen candidate. I can’t think of anyone who can beat SamO – he comes to any race with a built in 200 solid votes. And in a town where races are decided often by one vote- just do the math. I find it impossible to believe that a troll like Whetsel keeps getting re-elected but she does. None of them deserves to be on the board or have any power whatsoever,but the people of this town don’t seem to care.

    • It is my recollection that an unholy alliance involving Tendy and Sal Santamorena (a surreptitious meeting of the Conservative Party faithful) made the difference in thwarting Patty’s candidacy for a Town Board seat.

      Whistling Willie

      • Patty was within striking distance. She should have run in the next election. I understand that there are personal reasons for people not to run, and that it is not fun. If people keep stepping up, sometimes they will be successful. 3 chances next year. every year 3 seats on the legislature.

  4. The legislature race interests me very much because I’m in Scuccimarra’s district. There is just a tiny sliver of PV in her district the rest is all Cold Spring and Philipstown where I am well known. Scooch is vulnerable except she has all that Pataki money behind her. They would giver her whatever she needs to beat me or another challenger. They own her.

    • Where is the line that separates Scuccimarra’s district from Gouldman’s district? Can anyone provide a link to a diagram of the district boundaries?

      Whistling Willie

      • WW- I will try to find a map but it is a very tiny portion of north western PV if that makes any sense to you. Geographically, the entire town of P-town is her district.

      • Over by the Cornus’ house is the PV district that is Scuccimara’s district. The rest of PV is in Gouldman’s district, and I have to look up what else is in that district. SO would know.. That is the district that will be choosing a legislator next year.

    • Found the legislative district map at

      Whistling Willie

      • Thanks WW- very interesting the way they gerrymandered it. Dawn- do you remember why they divided up the districts like this? Years ago I think PV and P-town were each a district with no overlap.

      • I don’t know how the districts were drawn when the legislature was first created. Redistricting is done by the ruling legislatures. That is why it is important to pay attention to who runs legislatures, state and county.

        I think we should go back to a Board of Supervisors. In the real world, this is not a more democratic system.

      • I’m sure population is a factor, but so is politics.

      • definitely worth a look.

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