Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 2, 2016

Firehouse – Oy!

I heard there was a discussion at the last town board meeting about building a new firehouse.  While we need that a lot more than a rec center, I am amazed that this is the spendingest Town Board in Putnam Valley history.

Kick ’em all out.



  1. In addition to the plan to construct a new firehouse, Sam hinted at the need to hire more town employees for departments that are understaffed (he offered the assessor’s office as an example).

    Sam pleaded that his ignorance of the intricacies of town budgeting caused him to make a campaign promise last year to stay within the tax cap if elected. How many years (decades) has he held public office? How many budgets has he been involved with during that time? Ignorance of the budgeting process? Hardly. It was a BLATANT MISREPRESENTATION on his part, simply to win election.

    Who will oppose Sam in 2017? Not Jackie (she will lose her board seat if she runs for supervisor and is defeated). Not Whetsel (same reasoning, also same political party as Sam). Not Mackay nor Luongo (neither up for re-election in 2017, but who can tell which political party they belong to).

    What an fraud we have as our town supervisor.

    Whistling Willie

  2. As far as budgeting, we could start with the rec center. Perhaps we could do without that mil + project. All 3 are vulnerable because of the way they have been spending. Probably Dan Vera will run, but he has already supported the parks and rec excess. Patty? Time now to find candidates who understand the strain that the taxpayers are under.

  3. WW & Dawn- the damage that SamO and this board will do in the next couple of years will bankrupt our town. Do the math. We are talking about over $15 million dollars between the Rec center, the new firehouse and whatever other incidental boondoggles they have in mind.

    I don’t know that Dan V. has supported the parks & rec excess; perhaps it was a misunderstanding on someone’s part? I have always found Dan to be a strong advocate for the taxpayers in the relatively short time I’ve known him.

    As far as the next election- let’s face facts. Our town does not have term limits. SamO is the most successful politician in the history of PV. He goes into any election with a strong base of over 200 solid voters. He will difficult if not impossible to beat, even with the best candidate from either party. I’m not saying he deserves to be re-elected, but the people of this town are not paying attention to what’s going on. They don’t care. They don’t know how much their taxes are going up because it’s in their mortgage payment. They think the bank is raising the payment. They are addicted to their screens.

  4. I see that the nut job who runs PVPD is back to attack mode. It is really sad that he is so stuck in his imaginary past that he can’t seem to focus on current reality. Is it that he’s a big supporter of Jackie & WW? Never could figure it out.

    • Perhaps he is pleased with the status quo.

    • What is PVPD, and what is the “nut job” who runs it saying about Sam Oliverio?

      Whistling Willie

      • Putnam Valley Political Debate on facebook. Matt Higgins. Hates me. I don’t read it, so I don’t know what he is saying about SO.

  5. I think he reads this blog. In fact I’m pretty sure. He should come on here himself and tell us all his opinion and why he hates Dawn so much. From what I can see, it has something to do with events that may or may not have happened many years ago for which he blames her. It is not always easy to understand what the hell he’s talking about.

  6. It’s now official. Sam Oliverio admits that the extra money in budget for the fire department is for their new fire house.

    Word on the street is that there is not one board member who will stand for the Taxpayers. NOT ONE. They are all afraid of the Emergency Services voting block.

    This board, with SamO as their leader, is going to bankrupt our town.

    Here’s what’s on the front burner:

    * Library referendum on the ballot- totally misleading the public into thinking it’s only a one time $27K increase. Unlike true love, if passed, the library budget increase if forever. If people are duped into voting Yes, we can only vote to increase the $320,000. IT CAN NEVER DECREASE.

    * Rec Center- $1.35 million.

    * New fire house- $12- 15 million.


    • Not even a year and he is buying everything……And extra employees.

      I know someone who is in forclosure now. So sad. He cares about zombie houses, but not how he is creating them.

      We need a clean sweep. 3 fiscally responsible people. Solutions, not just throwing money at everything. A town without pity.

      I am also concerned that the increase does not seem to be enough to cover the cost. Where does the rest of the money come from?

  7. Patty: “Word on the street is that there is not one board member who will stand for the Taxpayers. NOT ONE. They are all afraid of the Emergency Services voting block.”

    Have the four Town Board members actually declared support for the rec center and the new firehouse (I’m assuming that Louie will abstain on the firehouse funding), or is this just supposition on your part?

    Whistling Willie

  8. WW- I have not heard any town board member speak up on any issue, spending or otherwise. I have not heard of any of them vote against anything including the crushing new fines for “code violations” that include having your electrical outlet in the wrong place which could cost you $1000 dollars a day or more. The firehouse project is by far the worst dereliction of duty of any board I have seen in my lifetime.

    How is it that all of a sudden this new firehouse is a fait accompli?


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