Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 17, 2016

At the last September meeting

Sam O said that they were going to adopt the increased fines law because there was only one comment.  Odd.  It was good comment, worthy of consideration.  And, of course, it wasn’t the only comment.  There was discussion on facebook.  At least 2 of the Town Board members monitor the facebook page where those comments are posted.  while that is not public hearing, they did respond to facebook comments with their poorly drafted Lake Peekskill pump out law.  It seems that they prefer to ignore a well prepared and presented comment because of the commenter.

Sam O mentioned the “parklands fund” which is being used to pay the engineer and architect for the building that must be built in the park.  In an email exchange, the finance director said that $120K from this fund was expended in 2013 for the building at the entrance to the park.  That was the pole barn that burned down, and this money was expended in addition to the insurance reimbursement.  Before the expenses for the engineer and architect, there is currently $320K in the fund.

At the end of the email exchange, Sam O said that the money is a bond, and it will be renewed for the original amount at the end of next year, so that the Board can build the building that must be built.  That is money that you, the taxpayers are paying.

Then, there is this major zoning code revision.  Sam O misunderstands the request that houses be allowed in the commercial districts.  He thinks that residents want new houses to be built in the commercial districts.  I don’t understand why he thinks that.  He has seen the statistics of the number of homes in the commercial district.  Their houses have become non-conforming uses with the last code change, and they would like to see that changed.

Even more astounding was that the Attorney to the Town doesn’t seem to know at all that there are houses in our commercial districts.  He thinks that commercial uses are at odds with residential uses, and so there should be no homes.  But there are!  Somebody should really tell him.

Our commercial districts are next to homes.  When the trucks go in and out at McKinney’s, there are homes overlooking that activity.

Community commercial is supposed to be compatible with the houses that are in the zone, and Community commercial 2 is supposed to be more restrictive than CC1.

What they are doing is really horrifying.

And it was only a 30 minute meeting.  Painful.

Oh right.  Mitzi and Frank Tansey were there and there was an executive session.  If there really was a helipad being built without approval, and there really was a stop work order, how is that executive session material?






  1. It is looking more hopeless every day for the taxpayers. SamO is turning out to be worse than Tendy in many ways because he’s much nicer. He can get away with all this nonsense because people like him and they are fooled about who he really is- a politician and bureaucrat who has never worked in the private sector or had a business.

    The spending is out of control and he’s been in office less than a year.

    The board does nothing. Not a damn thing. They just sit back and enjoy the ride. We will hear from them again when their terms are up and they for office again telling us all the great things they accomplished.

    The Library board is putting up a fraudulent proposition for the voters. All legal and above board, but nevertheless fraudulent. We are trying to get the word out to everyone VOTE NO.

    Sam, Frank, Phil and God knows who else, are pushing ahead to refinance the $1.35 million bond to build a rec center that nobody knows or cares about.

    There will be no public input even though this community needs a good swimming pool complex. People want that, yet Sam won’t even consider it.

    How did he get so much power so quickly?

    Answer: Annabi, Whetsel, Mackay, Luongo.

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