Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 15, 2016

Town Code

I don’t think anyone there actually reads it. It was stated that the Lake Peekskill law is modelled after the Lake Oscawana law.

“The owner of each lot within the watershed of a 303(d) impaired water body, which lot contains one or more septic systems, shall cause said system(s) to be pumped, cleaned and inspected by a licensed septic contractor [in a manner sufficient to enable the inspector to furnish the information required in § 90-5A(4)] within the time periods specified in Subsection B hereof and at least once every three years thereafter.”

This is what the Lake Oscawana septic pump out law says.  As everyone can see, 1. It is based on the lake being classified as a 303(d) impaired water body.  That makes the law no longer applicable.  (2) It is based on the watershed, not any other of the districts in Lake Oscawana.

There are people in the improvement district who are not in the lake’s watershed, and there are people who are in the watershed who are not in the improvement district.  There is no water district.  It was dissolved with the year round system, and the improvement district does not include that or a septic district.

The Lake Oscawana law does include a jail sentence.

I am glad that they will accept past pump out receipts.  The law does not state that.


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