Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 12, 2016

Pump houses

There was an interesting discussion at the Wed. 11/7 TB meeting.  It is surprising that the Town Board was so unprepared for the deal that they already had in the works.  The question was  about how it was that Wildwood Knolls lost the rights to their property,  and also why Wildwood Knolls was informed about the deal.  Florence told them that the district did not own land.  I thought he was implying that districts don’t exist to own land.  Sam O said that the town would have priority in any dispute.  That doesn’t seem quite right. The district paid for 3 wells to be dug there, and those are still there.   So, ready to accept the deal, the Town Board will now go back and research the ownership.

In the course of the discussion,  Jackie asked why it was the town that was responsible for removing the pump house from Wildwood Knolls, but Lake Peekskill’s responsibility to remove the pump house from the defunct water district.  Sam O’s answer was preposterous.  He said that the pump house had been built through an agreement between a Lake Peekskill organization and NYC.  Neither entity exists at this point, and the agreement that the Town Board made with NYC-DEP would supercede any of that.  They were the parties making the agreement to shut down the water system, and this should have been settled at that point in time.  None of these board members were there, but if the deal was botched, the Town is solely responsible for that.

Sloppy, but they will probably stick it to us anyway.

Sam O said something about the districts not being worth the taxes, but that is because of the way the Town Board spends our money.



  1. This is beyond disgraceful and disgusting. The entire town board is an embarrassment and they should all be recalled or forced to resign from office.

    The Fossil Florence is also 100% useless and incompetent and we would be better off with NO town attorney rather than having this pompous jerk sitting there who knows NOTHING except bad law.

    Sam has turned out to be way worse than Tendy in so many ways- honestly I never thought it was possible. And to think that the idiot voters will probably keep electing him. THIS IS WHY WE NEED TERM LIMITS.

    Also- when it comes to our improvement districts- there are many many problems all because no one knows or understands the LAW.

    Laurelwood Manor Association which is not an improvement district, has had half its beach area stolen by the Town because someone drew a lot line change on the tax map and it was never corrected. This is not a joke.

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