Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 12, 2016

Community Commercial


As of the 9/7 TB meeting, the entire Town Board seems committed to major contracting businesses in community commercial districts, next to houses.  3 heavy duty vehicles – dump trucks, backhoes, oil tankers.  Not a word of dissent.  No defense of the people who live there and lived there first.  They are not representing us. Fill, wood chips, sand, top soil, piles in between trucks.

Also, no discussion of dance studios as special permit. No discussion of noise, parking, public safety.  They just don’t seem to care.  Suppose a tango studio came in, and held evening dances, as would be their right.  Some people might be bothered in some neighborhoods.

They want taxis, limousines, one big parking lot.

At Wednesday’s meeting, they will discuss a town towing license, $100 for businesses in town, and $1000 for businesses out of town.  I wonder where that leaves those of us who have towing through AAA, insurance or our car maker.  I don’t think that is of concern to them.

It all seems to be about the good ol’ boys’ network, not the public.

The park and it’s magic money.  They don’t care about public opinion on that one either.

They are negotiating a contract with managerial staff to tie the hands of future administrations, and maintain bloated and duplicative service even though town needs are changing.

And re: Tommy Patterson’s comments about Val Santucci’s Marsh Hill Road, Emerald Ridge subdivision.  The law did not change.  A dead end of that length was already illegal in the code.  A road of that slope was already illegal in the code.  Public safety and all that.  Someone just tried to enforce the law briefly.

It was a depressing meeting, but you should watch it.  Even though it will make you sick to your stomach, it is important that you know what they are doing to you.




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