Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 24, 2016

Yep, ya gotta watch Patty.


The public hearing on the increased fines.  It’s a bad law, and they are just making it worse.  Maybe arbitrary and capricious?

Patty nailed it.

Scary lack of understanding from the board and Tom.

The link for the Uniform Code:




  1. Homeowners Beware- under the new law the fines are the same for having an electrical outlet in the wrong place and dumping toxic waste into Lake Oscawana. If you don’t believe me, check out the video.

    Talk about stuck on stupid. That is our town board.

    • I was surprised that Sam O defended this by saying that it is the same as the old law except with higher fines; also, that he asked why you hadn’t complained about the law on the books. I didn’t think it was up to you to look through town code, and suggest necessary changes.

      Once the suggestion was made that the fines be increased and the law was brought forward, I would have expected that the attorney to the town would look at the law and make any needed corrections to its arbitrary wording before it came to a public hearing. Thank you for pointing out what is wrong with the existing law, and the proposed law. I hope that the Town Board listens, and I hope that they stop the rush to make even bigger mistakes.

      • Dawn- you too have been pointing out the failings of many of our town laws and codes over the years and in great detail. In fact you’ve done a better job than the town attorneys who have been pretty useless.

        Here’s the problem- no matter who tells them the error of their ways, this board will not make the corrections.

        It is so much easier to sit on your ass, do nothing and collect a pay check.

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