Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 12, 2016

August 10, 2016 – watch the meeting.

It is dry to listen to discussion of code changes.  I understand, but it is important.

I don’t understand how Mr. Quaglietta said that the dance studio is a permitted use. The code does not seem unclear on this.

Mr. O understands that he cannot push this code process quickly, that it needs to go through the process, although I probably think that process is more involved than he does.

They are proposing an adult entertainment use.

I’m not convinced that everyone there understands the difference between CC1 and CC2. Clearly, Mr. McKay does not understand that there are, indeed, people living on Morrissey Drive and that community commercial 2 is supposed to be more strict than community commercial 1, and that there is a difference between commercial and industrial uses.  Mr. Maskiell wants truck parking everywhere.

Add taxis, limousines and party buses.

Mr. O said that this does not impact residences, but it does.  And why isn’t he going for upzoning, when he has said that he would for at least a decade now.

It is important.  Watch the meeting.

An aside:  Doesn’t a public hearing have to be opened? Isn’t septic out of the purview of the town?




  1. Speaking of zoning- tonight there was a public hearing about the town raising the fees for violation of the Uniform Code. The current fees are being in most cases tripled. So now the fines are $1000, $2000 and $3000 per day for violations of the Uniform Code.

    I was the only person to speak at the public hearing. I said, these are very steep fines. Can anyone one the board please tell me one offense that would merit getting a fine of a $1000 per day.

    I also asked if anyone knew what the Uniform Code was. Nobody including SamO and our highly paid town attorney Fossil Florence knew the answer.

    Luckily I brought one of my Code books with me and showed it to the audience. Since none of them really knew any specific violations of the Code, I mentioned a few examples. Code violations include curtains, wall hangings, rugs and floor coverings. There are also 26 separate possible violations if you put an electric outlet in the wrong place. Wall paper is also covered in the code and you could possibly even get a violation for having the wrong kind of wall paper. These codes are all there in black and white in the book.

    Florence really did not have much to say except a humina hummina.

    SamO got very excited and pompous and started expounding on all the horrible code violators who dumped and did really horrible things and didn’t mind paying the existing fines so they had to raise them so the bad people would think twice about breaking the law.

    Again, I explained that the way the law reads now there is no difference between someone who has the wrong wall covering and someone who dumps toxic waste in Lake Oscawana. For purposes of the law, they are both the same and subject to the same fines.

    Maybe I wasn’t speaking English properly but nobody seemed to get my point. I hope Dawn or someone will watch the video and see if they understand what I said.

    Oh wait, I forgot, the ever vigilant Tom “Hippy” Carano did make a comment that was all about Kaspar but he didn’t say it was Kaspar but we should all know who he was really talking about even if he didn’t say the name.

    Carano said there was this really bad guy who had an Ag use but he was really dumping stuff on Cimmarron Rd. and even though they fined him he didn’t care because he was making so much money. So no matter what they should raise the fines to $3000 a day even if you just don’t have the right floor covering. They want to set an example.

  2. Wall covering?
    You’ve got my attention. I haven’t recovered from last week’s meeting yet.
    Do you think Tom is planning to run for office yet again? He seems to be making a lot of appearances.

  3. Yes, the beat goes on. It often seems like the council people have too much time on their hands. They are always making trouble for the residents, mostly for people who don’t really do anything that bad.

    Steve Mack was wearing his nice new councilman’s shirt. It was purple and has a nice embroidered crest. It has his name and it says “councilman” or “council person” I forget. So when he wears the shirt, everyone will know he is Steve the councilman. Wendy and Jackie were not wearing their purple shirts & I don’t know if they have them or if Steve’s was special.

    Sam said that the town board and/or building inspector or whoever is in charge would never use the code to go after people to make money. He implied we just have to trust them to do the right thing. No matter what the law says.

    I said even if we trust you, this board won’t be here forever. But the law will be on the books unless it is changed.

    I also pointed out that right now the building inspector is using the code to bring in a lot of money. I said look at the report on your desk. It tells about all the violations and fines for the month of July. I think it was over $20,000.

    I’m sure that those fines and fees were all on the up and up. They would never use the Code to go after anyone unjustly. There is always a good reason for someone to have to pay a fine.

  4. I meant to say that the fees I mentioned above are the PROPOSED new fees.. The new local law is to amend Chap. 165-91.2, Subdiv. C&D. That is “Penalties for Violation of the Uniform Code”.

    It reads in part “any person who shall knowlingly violate any provision of the Uniform Code or any lawful order of the Town, shall be punishable by a fine of $1000 per day for first offense, not less than $2000 or more than $3000 per day for the second offense….”

    There is no distinction listed between any offense. You get the same punishment no matter what the violation. Stinks, huh?

    Instead of thinking of new and improved ways to punish the people of Put Valley and spend all our money, you’d think they could once in awhile do something positive that will benefit the whole town.



  5. If you are at all interested in seeing the incompetence, grandiosity, hypocrisy, cowardice and downright stupidity of the town rulers and town attorney, you owe it to yourself to watch this public hearing. It is mercifully short but very instructive.

    SamO says he’s tired of people doing things first without getting permits and then coming back to ask. Can anyone say “dance studio?”

    The residents of Put Valley do not need MORE fines and regulations!

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