Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 6, 2016

the way CC2 looks now in the code

C. CC-2 Community Commercial-Two District.

(1) Purpose and intent. The purpose and intent of the CC-2 District is to provide for a variety of commercial activities that are of moderate intensity in scale and traffic generation, of a character similar to but more restricted than the CC-1 District. The uses within this district are to serve the convenience and needs of the greater Putnam Valley community and must be compatible with the residential character and environment of the adjacent neighborhood. These uses generally result in limited traffic generation. The Lake Peekskill portion of the Central Business District (CBD), the Adams Corners Business District and the east side of Bryant Pond Road/Taconic State Parkway intersection (Smith’s Corners) shall be included in the CC-2 Commercial District.

(2) Permitted uses.

(a) Residences above commercial stores.
(b) Libraries or museums.
(c) Municipal buildings.
(d) United States Government Post Offices.
(e) Utility facilities, regional.
(f) Administrative and business offices.
(g)Antiques stores.
(h) Apparel and accessory stores.
(i) Bakery shops, retail.
(j) Data processing and computer-related services.
(k) Consumer repair services.
(l) Convenience storage facilities.
(m) Convenience stores with gas pumps.
(n) Convenience stores without gas pumps.
(o) Delicatessens.
(p) Financial services, financial institutions and banks.
(q) Florists.
(r) Funeral homes.
(s) Liquor sales, retail.
(t) Medical offices.
(u) Nurseries, retail.
(v) Personal convenience stores.(w) Pet grooming.
(x) Professional offices and services.
(y) Restaurants, general.
(z) Retail stores, individual or general
(aa) Theaters or cinema.
(bb) Amateur/ham radio antennae.
(cc) Assembly of component parts.
(dd) Hardware stores.

(3) Special permit uses. The following special permit uses may be permitted as provided for in Article IX of this chapter.
(a) Child day care, nursery schools or family care.
(b) Clubhouses or lodges.
(c) Utility services, local.
(d) Artistic and dance studios and galleries.
(e) Catering establishments.
(f) Cocktail lounges or bars.
(g) Photography studios.
(h) Dry-cleaning services, storefront.
(i) Laundry services, storefront.
(j) Printing establishments.
(k) Retail mini malls or shopping centers.
(l) Recreation, sports and entertainment facilities, indoor.
(m) Automotive sales or rentals.
(n) Automotive repair service.
(o) Automotive gas station.
(p) Construction material sales.
(q) Schools, business or trade.



  1. Dawn- you have done an excellent job with your research and explanation for the zoning laws. It’s really a shame that private citizens have to do the job for which town employees, like our fossilized town attorney, Mr. Florence, are being paid.

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