Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 6, 2016

The rationale for special permit listings

“When such uses are listed as specially permitted uses in the zoning law, they are declared by the local legislature to be uses that are harmonious with as-of-right uses, in general, with the recognition that, in a specific location, they can negatively impact adjacent properties and need to be limited or conditioned to mitigate such impacts. If an applicant for a special use permit can demonstrate conclusively that no such impacts will result, or that the proposal mitigates those impacts effectively, the special use permit will usually be granted.”




  1. That makes sense. You shouldn’t be allowed to put just anything anywhere. Especially on the lake where this is enough problems with pollution going into the lake. They shouldn’t allow just anything there and anyone who wants to open there should have to prove that they aren’t going to make the pollution problem worse. That’s why I think that there are special permits.

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