Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 5, 2016


Process – I did believe that the town needed to update its zoning, not spot zone, not conveniently misinterpret zoning, but really update.  Sam O has convinced me that this zoning use section is an ideal place to start.  I have received all kinds of comments about what exists in the code, what doesn’t exist, water, traffic, parking, enough to show the need to look at all of this.  Perhaps, we can’t have a category that covers Labis Corners and Adams Corners and Bryant Pond Road as a single zone.  This new list really doesn’t clarify anything, but it did crystallize the problem.  Time to do the hard work, with public meetings to identify the  problems, and plan.  And finally, a local wetlands law, to help us solve some of our problems.

Zoning – How is a dance studio related to an art studio?  How would a dance studio fit in at Adams Corners?

Multifamily in residential zones where there are no sewers?

Nursing homes where there are no sewers? Convalescent homes?  What is the distinction?

Municipal buildings anywhere?


What is convenience storage?

Gas pumps?  Doesn’t this conflict with another law?  Didn’t we already go through this?

Restaurants/fast foods????

Interesting reading.

Some answers next Wednesday, but probably not enough of them.





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