Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 23, 2016


Do you notice that when you say certain words, it doesn’t much matter what you do, people just fall in line?  Veterans – scams all the time, but that is all you have to say.  Seniors – again scams, but we are all for it.  It’s for the kids.  Walk for cancer…..

And so it is for business friendly.  They don’t even know what the changes are supposed to be.  It doesn’t matter that a business plan should be well thought out, it should be a master plan, a comprehensive plan, with significant community input.  Believe me, I like dancers, but is a dance studio the same as a gym the same as an art gallery, the same as a landscaper, the same as auto repair, the same as a food server?  When the business districts are in environmentally fragile areas, shouldn’t there be some consideration?  If there are parking needs and safety issues, shouldn’t there be some consideration?  Is that too much to ask?  In a place that has been decimated by business, and where business has not thrived, shouldn’t there be some consideration?  I guess not.  Business friendly means we make the same mistakes over and over and over again, and watch businesses fail, and then vote for someone else who does the same thing.

Shouldn’t an issue of this much importance for the community be noticed, and shouldn’t we get to see the major change before it is made?

Some people don’t think so.  They think we elect someone to be our daddy, and to tell us what is good for us.  I don’t.  There is a reason for the process to include public feedback.  It is not supposed to be decided before it is in the public view.  A code change like this requires due diligence, not heel digging.

On another note, when the transfer station closure was decided in February, and not mentioned in public until June, and never discussed at a district meeting, that is not governance.



  1. “Since the town legally cannot do target zoning, they will be asking that all of our special use permits be reviewed and revised. Hopefully the Town Board will agree to change any that prohibit growth and new businesses in our Commercial Districts.”

    People might pay attention if we suddenly change the rules for one person, so we’re going to pretend to be thorough. The one person is going to get what they want and there will be a great photo-op for the elected.

    • Spot zoning in very poor camouflage is still spot zoning. I don’t see how the Planning Board can meet to discuss this major change when there are no July meetings. Minor details. I haven’t checked the zoning board agenda to see if they are discussing it. Not much resembling due diligence on the part of the town board. Is a special use permit that onerous?

  2. It must not be that onerous. Kenna had his gym. There was a dance school above the PV Post Office (Darcy’s) and there now is a Zumba studio there. There is a dance school in the blue building (first it was Darcy’s and then Country Academy of Dance). There is a Martial Arts school (Mountain Stream Budo) in the blue building. There is also a training center (Team Moljo Strength and Conditioning) in the blue building. That’s 7 uses that should have had a special permit. How onerous can it be? Then again, they all have sewers, not septic.

  3. I think that the mistake they are making is a result of selective enforcement.

    As someone who has had a lot of experience with Codes in the last 10 years, I can tell you that we already have enough codes, rules, laws and regulations to handle any use or situation. In my opinion, I don’t think they even have to go through this charade.

    Now SamO and the others say they are worried about being challenged legally because what they want to do is spot zoning, no matter what they call it. Funny how they are just worried now about doing things illegally? What a joke.

    This is all a huge distraction with the dance studio. There is no need to suddenly change all the laws so they can help a biz owner. Every administration has participated in selective zoning of some sort. Look around town. You see certain people get away with flagrant violations of the zoning codes. Examples in my residential nabe: a guy has turned his property into a commercial zone. He is stockpiling and selling wood, repairing and storing vehicles; another neighbor has had a large trailer parked on their property for weeks. Don’t know if these people will now be living there permanently.

    But what about what they did to my other neighbors, the Cornu’s? When they had a small trailer parked temporarily on their property, out of sight, somehow the CEO came down on them like gangbusters.

    See, this is what I mean. You are looking at the wrong issue. That’s what they always do. Distract us from what’s really going on. Folks, it’s about selective enforcement, not spot zoning.

  4. I am still wondering if a trailer or motor home can be parked on a property. Some others are wondering too. I guess it depends who you are.

  5. On another note, the NYS Comptroller just did a scathing audit of the PV school district. If you are wondering why your taxes are so high, this report is must reading. The District is double billing us for the phony reserve funds. They put the money aside in some slush fund balance/ reserve and then don’t use it. Instead of taking the money out of the fund balance to reduce taxes, they just raise the taxes instead.

  6. Patty has put her finger on something very important, i.e., the opaque and dishonest financial finagling of the Putnam Valley school board. We have oftentimes heard these people proclaim themselves as conservative stewards of the residents’ tax dollars. This is simply dishonest, just as dishonest as their slogan “The Child First and Foremost.”

    It is about taxing and spending as much as possible. It is not about anything else.

    Whistling Willie

  7. Willie- if you read the Comptroller’s report, you can see in black and white that we were overcharged at LEAST $2 million dollars, maybe more.

    That means that next year when they do the new budget for 2017-18 they should use the $2 million or excess money to REDUCE OUR TAXES!


    I hope everyone understands what they are doing.

    We are being way over taxed for money that is not being used properly or at all. THIS IS A DISGRACE.


    So should Superintendent Fran Wills.

  8. Here are our rulers at work. SamO declares how great the music series is. Looks pretty empty to me. Also thought I saw a town employee singing. Notice too the Emperor also declares we ARE going to have new rec center.

    Regardless of the cost. Regardless of the fact that we will have paid off the other bond/ mortgage.

    We are going to go back into debt for $1.35 million whether we like it or not.

    Watch the video.

    • They sounded pretty good. I have noticed that we must have a Rec center, and Sam O doesn’t care if the community wants it or not, or how much it will cost. A little power goes a long way. It is magic money that just sits there.

  9. Registration is now open for the dance school that needed a special use permit before the owner was promised that she didn’t need a special use permit, and before the town board met publically to discuss the special use permits and before the public had the chance to be heard regarding the special use permits. There is an open house scheduled already too, before there is a CO.
    Do they need a change of use? I don’t remember when the gym closed. The building was used one weekend last year as an Art Gallery for the Secret Art Society. They didn’t have a special use permit either.

    • Like I said- it’s selective enforcement. Nothing to see here, folks. Just keep walking.

      • Nothing to see here, folks? Just keep walking? Is that the same advice you and your buddy Dan, the self-proclaimed taxpayer’s advocate give regarding the library or the school district budget? I hope that the Supervisor and town board read this. When you get up to speak and waste 2-1/2 minutes complaining that you only have 3 minutes to speak, I suggest they use your words: Nothing to see here, folks. Just keep walking

      • PVH- I guess being that you’re a self proclaimed hillbilly, no one ever taught you the fine points of sarcasm.

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