Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 19, 2016

July work session 2016

Sam O wants to change the zoning code so that the dance school doesn’t have to get a special permit. He thinks that there is no difference between a boxing gym and a dance school.

Because he cannot change the code for one business, he will change it for all.  We will have to see what they come up with, then he will have a public hearing and pass it in August, so that the dance studio can start in September.

Rules are for other people.  Such an impressive level of thought and concern.

So I guess the sidewalk and the parallel parking will not be returned, and the water restriction won’t matter.

He has invited the county to come and explain why they will put a cell tower in the park.  It is supposedly just one consideration, but tomorrow they will illegally declare themselves lead agent in the environmental review, and no one who could object seems willing to do that.  Seems like SO is already on board.

The Board will close down the transfer station.  It doesn’t seem like enough savings for the increase in manpower, but at least they will be able to take the small truck down to Peekskill, so that garbage will not have to be illegally transferred in the streets.  Thanks to SO we are already paying $7k more than we should be paying. Saving the $30K is already partially offset by that, and SO will probably give them a raise.  I think it is about $90k for AAA to pick up the garbage at the transfer station, and it will be $71K + fees for our guys to take the garbage to Peekskill, longer hours for them to dispose of the garbage, and wear and tear to our vehicles.  It doesn’t seem like much of a savings.  Garbage disposal is cheaper in the rest of town.  But it is what they are going to do. No discussion necessary.

And wow! the DOT is going to do exactly what they have said for years.  They have posted their calendar on the NYMTC website.  They have done the engineering work needed to advance the project, once Terry Gipson got it jumpstarted.  They listened to what the residents said at the last public meeting when Terry Gipson was our state senator.  So now that they have proceeded exactly as planned and noticed, and they are having a public meeting in August, exactly as stated.  This all occurred despite the rabble rousing and letter writing and videos, providing political publicity.  So Sam couldn’t praise Sue Serino enough.  On and on and on.  Strange guy.  Do you think he will change his voter registration to unaffiliated or to Republican?

The highway department will get a bucket truck from the money from the last BAN renewal.  Bond Anticipation Note – the issue from the town park.  That magical fountain of money.  I would like a public inventory of vehicles and a schedule for replacement, instead of these haphazard requests from the fountain of money.  The fire department does, so they have set the standard.  I would also like a schedule of road repairs, instead of a town meeting report after the work is done.  All of that posted.

And while we are on it, why are the dinosaurs still using a piece of paper each for each agenda item, when they can all be on the computer?  If you saved some money, (and trees), perhaps you could give the part timers a raise.

It is all disappointing.  Government by chaos at the local and county level.

There is a blood drive today at the fire department.  The need is urgent.




  1. Why are they not continuing the board of health’s water restrictions at the gym. The dance school’s other location has a fall schedule of over 40 classes. I think that the girls will need to use the bathroom. Even if the new location had half the number of classes, that is a lot of water use. What if the septic system cant handle it? especially that close to the lake?

    • Sam O seems to believe that if businesses are allowed to do whatever they want, that will help businesses to stay open. I would have thought that both the Lake Peekskill and Oregon Corners business districts are the poster children for the failure of business laissez-faire.

  2. When the comprehensive plan was done, it was discovered that businesses are generally assessed lower than residential properties, and the tax rate is the same, so it is only their service to the community, and not contributing to the school population that are assets.

  3. Our town and county are both trying to attract businesses to try and establish a commercial tax base. The county is especially aggressive in this regard but that is for another post. The theory is that like our neighbors in Cold Spring and Mahopac, our property taxes would be lower if we had businesses paying some of them. However, the first thing they do to entice new businesses is to give them a 10 year tax reduction. Look no further than Put Valley’s most lucrative biz , the gas station on Bryant Pond Rd. by the Taconic. Anyone know what their assessment is and how much they pay in taxes?

    The reason all retail businesses fail and will fail in PV is because there is no foot or other traffic and we are too close to Route 6. This has been amply demonstrated- we cannot support even a liquor store or a hardware store!! Now that’s saying something.

    PV will never have a commercial tax base. That is a fairy tale being told by generations of politicians. If you want lower taxes the answer is simple:


    • I like the stop spending so much money concept….a lot.

  4. Water watcher: The Town Board cannot override what the Department of Health mandates.

    Which of these would make sense at 123 Lake Drive when there is a Department of Health mandated water use restriction?

    C. CC-2 Community Commercial-Two District.

    (1) Purpose and intent. The purpose and intent of the CC-2 District is to provide for a variety of commercial activities that are of moderate intensity in scale and traffic generation, of a character similar to but more restricted than the CC-1 District. The uses within this district are to serve the convenience and needs of the greater Putnam Valley community and must be compatible with the residential character and environment of the adjacent neighborhood. These uses generally result in limited traffic generation. The Lake Peekskill portion of the Central Business District (CBD), the Adams Corners Business District and the east side of Bryant Pond Road/Taconic State Parkway intersection (Smith’s Corners) shall be included in the CC-2 Commercial District.

    (2) Permitted uses.

    (a) Residences above commercial stores.
    (b) Libraries or museums.
    (c) Municipal buildings.
    (d) United States Government Post Offices.
    (e) Utility facilities, regional.
    (f) Administrative and business offices.
    (g)Antiques stores.
    (h) Apparel and accessory stores.
    (i) Bakery shops, retail.
    (j) Data processing and computer-related services.
    (k) Consumer repair services.
    (l) Convenience storage facilities.
    (m) Convenience stores with gas pumps.
    (n) Convenience stores without gas pumps.
    (o) Delicatessens.
    (p) Financial services, financial institutions and banks.
    (q) Florists.
    (r) Funeral homes.
    (s) Liquor sales, retail.
    (t) Medical offices.
    (u) Nurseries, retail.
    (v) Personal convenience stores.
    (w) Pet grooming.
    (x) Professional offices and services.
    (y) Restaurants, general.
    (z) Retail stores, individual or general
    (aa) Theaters or cinema.
    (bb) Amateur/ham radio antennae.
    (cc) Assembly of component parts.
    (dd) Hardware stores.

    (3) Special permit uses. The following special permit uses may be permitted as provided for in Article IX of this chapter.
    (a) Child day care, nursery schools or family care.
    (b) Clubhouses or lodges.
    (c) Utility services, local.
    (d) Artistic and dance studios and galleries.
    (e) Catering establishments.
    (f) Cocktail lounges or bars.
    (g) Photography studios.
    (h) Dry-cleaning services, storefront.
    (i) Laundry services, storefront.
    (j) Printing establishments.
    (k) Retail mini malls or shopping centers.
    (l) Recreation, sports and entertainment facilities, indoor.
    (m) Automotive sales or rentals.
    (n) Automotive repair service.
    (o) Automotive gas station.
    (p) Construction material sales.
    (q) Schools, business or trade.

    • Can anyone explain what the water restriction is and/or provide a copy of the relevant documentation? Is this a PV law or regulation? County?

      I have no idea what this means. How many gallons per day are they allowed to use at this site?

      Also- there should be some estimate as to how many gallons per day the dance studio will use.

      What about the existing septic system? Does anyone know about that?

      In my opinion a dance studio is a good use for the space. It’s not like a hair salon or a laundromat for example.

      And shouldn’t the landlord/ property owner be allowed to use his property which has been greatly de-valued by the town.

      I don’t see anyone complaining about the disgusting situation that has existed on Lake Drive for decades: houses so close to each other that residents are drinking polluted water that’s been compromised by septic systems too close to one another. THAT IS A REAL PROBLEM. Not the freakin’ dance studio!

      Stop trying to blame business for problems that are caused by RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT.



      • You have missed the point entirely. We are talking about zoning and special use permits, and changing them according to the politics of the moment. Yes, we do know the limitation on the water use. It has been written previously – 240 gallons/day for both that building and the one next to it. The building is on the lake, and it is a lake that is having a lot of trouble. That may not matter to you, but it does matter to us. The water restriction is in the DOH file. You can inspect it, or FOIL it. It was the condition of approval. The town cannot ignore it, but with the coroner running the DOH and a few other things, their latest behavior signals that they will.
        As far as the site plan violations, the removal of the side walk, and the 90 degree parking, instead of parallel, those have existed since Kenna removed the sidewalk, more than a decade ago. I don’t think that illegal parking is safe for a business that will have children. That is not the responsibility of the business owner. It is the responsibility of the town and property owner.
        Take a look at Maple Leaf, and you will see how much our town officials are willing to do to help Lake Peekskill.
        The cost of bringing water and sewer to Labis Corners negates any benefit that the community would gain.
        We are talking about the situation that exists now.

    • So Kenna was a special permit use also, unlike what SamO said.

  5. The houses on Lake Drive are not going anywhere. What are the issues that need to be cleaned up? Which houses have contaminated wells? Where is the documentation for that?

    Where did anyone blame business for anything? I thought that the discussion here was about whether the Town Board should change the zoning so that uses that are by special permit not longer need that scrutiny and are permitted as of right.

    Why don’t we throw the rule book out, especially when the uses are right on a lake?

    What “hard work” is not being done?

  6. Limited traffic generation? over 40 different classes a week and parties on weekends. Are the kids going to drive themselves? Are the parents going to stay during class? If the parents stay, that’s is more potential water use. If the parents leave and come back to pick the girls up, that’s traffic.

  7. Why should any of us have to pay for our permits and follow the rules, when the entrenched can do whatever they want, and the rules are changed for them? Makes the persecution of the Cornus even more disgusting.

  8. I think the biggest problem is selective enforcement. There are so many laws on the books that a “creative” code enforcement officer could find a way to use them to to do whatever is necessary. Sadly, they can also use the laws to destroy people’s lives like the Cornu’s.

    In PV there are constant conflicts between the State codes and the town code. It is very very complex as we found out in the Cornu case. The former CEO actually used a state law to evict them from their house. However, they were mainly prosecuted under town codes. There was even a point when their architect brought in the state CEO but by then it was too late.

    Selective enforcement has always been a problem. Look around.

    So how do you fix that one? Dawn says they are going to change all the laws about special use permits but why bother? They will pick and choose what to enforce anyway. I don’t get it.

  9. The dance school is already advertising their Grand Opening and Open House for August 28th. The public hearing regarding Special Permit Uses is sometime in August. Why are they even having a public hearing if the decision has already been made? At the beginning of July, the dance school said publicly that they were told that this would all be taken care of and that they would be opening in September.

    • I was always annoyed by Bob-O setting the vote on the same day as the public hearing. He made it clear that he didn’t care what anyone else thought. This is worse. Sam announced the outcome before the change in the code was even written. He is even more disgusting than the Tendy/Annabi team. How is that even possible?

  10. If they pass the law that triples the fines for violations to $1000 to $3000 per day, the dance studio will be out of business before they even open.

    Last night at the public hearing, SamO said he was sick and tired of people who thumb their nose at the zoning laws and who don’t mind paying after the fact.

    Why did they bend over backwards to get these people to take the space if they knew there were Code violations?

    • The owner of the dance school went to the town to find out what needed to be done. I would have thought that the sidewalk that Kenna took out, even though it was on the site plan, would have been safer for children, but that would be the land owner, not the renter. The perpendicular parking is not only a site plan violation. I was surprised that Rich Quaglietta said it was a permitted use, when it is listed in special permit uses. And, of course, there is that DOH water metering. If I had any time, I would look at what it is that is being fined. Only some code violations matter.

      • If you read the law as it exists today and what is proposed- both make no distinctions about violations. You get the same fines for ANY violation, no matter how big or small.

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