Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 15, 2016

County Government’s Low Regard for PV


On Tuesday, the county will move forward with their plans to put a cell tower in our town park.  The will declare themselves lead agency in the State Environmental Quality Review.  by law, they would have had to notify the involved agencies in this review before their declaration.  As it is our town’s park, you would think there would be some involved agencies in this town.  Not only illegal, but since they are supposed to be our representatives, it really illustrates the contempt they have for us.

As part of their review, they prematurely advertised for comments about any historical significance in the are.  An alert citizen saw the notice.

They should lose their jobs today.




  1. There are so many unanswered questions and major issues to be discussed but I am so tired from doing the job of the town board, the town supervisor, our county legislators et al that I will have to write more later on.

    Major FAIL on the part of Sam O, Scooch, Gouldman, Huma and the crew.

    Millions of dollars spent on the town park that will now be de-valued.

    They still want to spend millions more even after the cell tower is built.

    I can count on one hand the number of people in this town who give a rat’s ass what happens. Sad.

  2. I give a rat’s ass.

    • I was thinking that the county owns George’s. They could put it there!

    • Like I said, that’s you and 4 others.

  3. I am concerned that the tower will be installed and the town will have no options. This is happening too quickly for the elderly town attorney to act proactively.
    I am concerned that the Town Board will also be changing the specially permitted uses to permitted just to suit one or two businesses. There is a big difference between an art studio and a dance studio and yet they are lumped together. SamO wants to make them both permitted as of right because he believes that the special permit process is too difficult. We have had at least 2 dance studios in town. They have been able to make it through the special permit process. I think that the new applicant, on a very sensitive parcel, should face that level of scrutiny.

    • The issue here is not special use permits. Rather, it is all about home rule, eminent domain and immunity from zoning laws in general. The elderly lawyer you refer to is highly paid Bill Florence, a bad leftover from Peekskill who was responsible for a lot of damage to the taxpayers of that City. He was their counsel for many years and I think it was the idiot Tendy’s idea to bring the old fossil up to PV instead of letting him remain in whatever pasture he was residing in. Florence does not know how to read the law let alone practice it. He has no idea how to do research and writing, especially all the latest cutting edge stuff. He is just another place holder at a no show job and for the life of me I don’t know why SamO does not get rid of him. Surely he can’t owe that many political favors?

      Back to the cell tower. As I pointed out to SamO- this whole thing is totally disrespectful to him, the town board and the residents of Put Valley.

      When the town gave the land to the County for the Senior Center, what else did we give away? Does this mean that because the County owns the Sr. Center they can build whatever they want in the town park?

      Does that mean they can set up casinos, garbage dumps, more cell towers or an OTB office wherever they want? Where are our protections?

      All this was done over a decade ago and the politicians, except for Sam, are long gone. This is why it is so dangerous for these people to have so much power while in office, especially the unelected ones like Frank DiMarco, Rich Quaglietta, Bob LUsardi as examples.

      I am not against cell towers, but we have 1000s of acres of woods and open space where there are no people. Why not put it there? Oh I know- the County doesn’t own that land and so they won’t make any $$$$$

      That’s always what it’s about.

      • The other problem is SEQR. The county is doing it wrong, and if the town or other involved parties do not challenge it after the lead agency declaration, they will not be able to. The county legislature did this with the Peekskill Hollow Road project, and there is no way to force them to correct it. They were not going to correct it of their own volition. Most of these pols and political attorneys are looking at ways to get around it, not to use it to protect the public.

    • The special use permit issue is separate from the cell tower, both mishandled. I agree that lakeside, with decades old issues at that site, the special use permit is appropriate. Sam, like Bob and Jackie, does not want to businesses to have to deal with zoning. The site plan violations should have been dealt with years ago, but Sam does not want to even deal with them now. He would prefer an unsafe and unsanitary condition. The safety of children and the health of the lake doesn’t matter until after there is a problem.

  4. I know the issues are separate. I brought it up so the people who read this blog will know that people are paying attention.

    There are many reasons why the cell tower proposal is suspect, and I am concerned that Patty is right when she says that the town’s attorney is not up for the challenge.

  5. Concerned- thanks as always for your thoughtful comments. There are so many things wrong with our local government, town and county, that the average citizen is hard pressed to deal with any of it. For most people there only contact is the envelope they receive with their property tax bill. Many of our residents never see these bills because they are paid by the bank who holds the mortgage in the escrow account. I can’t tell you how many people blame the bank when their taxes go up year after year! They don’t understand that their mortgage payment of principal and interest is constant and doesn’t change for the life of the mortgage. So many residents think that their taxes are not going up & everything is hunky dory.

    I would say that probably 97% of the people who work in local government are lazy, incompetent or both. I have a lot of involvement with almost every sector of the town and county and a certain amount with NYS and will tell you categorically that if these folks worked in the private sector they would be fired very quickly for their rudeness and stupidity. They see no reason to do a good job or be polite. Why bother? No reward for success, no penalty for failure is the golden rule.

    As far as the cell tower fiasco- this is just the latest example of the incompetence and political chicanery that is a hallmark of our town and county. You’d think that even one of our elected officials in town hall or Carmel would be on top of this? Even one? Did not happen and even though they all should have been alerted by now (I won’t bet on it) I haven’t heard any blow back from Huma, Fat Louie, the Toad, the Postman, the bartender, the zombie or anyone else except Sam O who would not have known anything if I hadn’t given him a heads up.

    Credit where credit is due- Sam always responds quickly to my emails and messages. He is a great communicator. I do not always like his messages but at least he’s alive and responsive.

    • My problem is that I believe that local government should be a partnership, that we should factor into it, we should share in the decisions. Instead, we either get narcissists who think that they should tell us what we need or party hacks who toe the party line and feed business to their supporters. People, you can change this.

      As far as communication, SO is selective in his responses on social media, and in the community. I’m still waiting for the answers to questions about his LP survey. Well, I’m not actually waiting. I know that the postage was short of $1000, and there really is no justification for that waste. When Lake Oscawana enacted their law, the justification (no longer valid), written into the law, was that it was a listed impaired waterbody and they mapped the watershed.. SO said that the town has no jurisdiction, that it is the DOH that regulates. I don’t much care about a 5 year pumpout, but I do care about the wasted tax dollars.

  6. Dawn- of course you are right and as always I thank you for continuing to run this blog for so many years. It is quite an accomplishment.

    • Thanks, and thanks for noticing this cell tower notice and persisting in getting SamO to pay attention. It might help.

      • This whole thing is so egregious that I’m wondering if SamO did not know about it all along. Is that even possible? I will put away my tin foil hat now.

  7. Will the tower will be built close to the senior citizens center (elevated terrain)? Or will it be sited elsewhere in town park? Also, which mobile carrier(s) will be broadcasting from the tower?

    Another thought. At the time that the Cablevision contract was renewed (earlier this year), Sam Oliverio stated that Cablevision had informed him that this would be the last contract renewal of this kind. That in the future, TV signals/Internet signals would no longer be carried over cables, but instead would be broadcast from cell towers. Is this the first step in that transition? If so, Sam will not necessarily be opposing this construction.

    Whistling Willie

    • I watched some of the work session. It was horrifying. It was clear that SamO will do nothing about the cell tower or the abnormality of the environmental review. He doesn’t care. The county will be presenting their plans on Wed. And it doesn’t seem that the other board members care who they are following as long as they have someone to follow.

  8. The county has four sites they are considering, and it would be on their property in the park. Homeland Towers, which recently built a tower on Piano Mountain would build this one. It is odd, though, that there was no notice to the town as an involved agency for the environmental review, and that the county is declaring itself as lead agent in a review that encompasses 4 different sites.

    If the Town Board were a co-lead agent in the review, it would not be SamO’s call. But how would there be a co-lead agent for one of the possible sites?

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