Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 10, 2016

June 1 transfer station discussion

Sam O is in favor of getting rid of the transfer station.  There were no numbers discussed.  Last year, when the numbers were discussed, there was no financial advantage to eliminating the transfer station.  It was actually more costly.  Counsel to the town states that there is a new owner of Wheelabrator, and we may have to haul the garbage to Connecticut.  I would like to see the cost.

Last year’s numbers are posted in Lake Peekskill Garbage Secrets, September 23, 2015. The posts about this issue come up if you put transfer station into search. It was only a savings of $10 per ton quoted last year, and now we cannot count on that agreement. And they cannot take the smaller truck to Wheelabrator.

Show me the numbers.

Additional note:  I am wondering how it is that in November, Sam O was opposed to eliminating the transfer station, and by February, he was committed to closing it.  I am also wondering why it took until June for him to mention his change of heart.


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