Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 9, 2016

Big Work Session Agenda for 7/13/16

No supporting documents.

1. Announcements about Town Day, medication drop-off, email alert and dunks.

2. Appoint Mark Backus to the Maintenance position effective 7/25

3. Schedule public hearing for Roaring Brook Lake Septic Law

4. Discussion of closing of Transfer Station effective 1/1/2017.

5. Discussion of zoning changes being recommended by our Building Inspector.

6. Discussion of Public Hearing on Taconic Overpass.

7. Highway Department request to purchase a used Altec AM900-2004 bucket truck.

8. Appoint Ryan Dunphy as an additional temp laborer/snow plow rider

9. Appoint Joseph Sialiano as an additional temp laborer/snow plow rider

10. Appoint Lake Peekskill Beach Monitors

11. Appoint David Anderson as a truck driver for Lake Oscawana weed harvester.

12. Accept land dedication for town road widening on Brookside Avenue.

13. New Lifeguard approval: Nathalie Garcia

14. Parks and Recreation Refunds.

15. Parks and Recreation Personnel Additions/Changes.

16. Authorize temporary cleaning services for town facilities



  1. The Oliverio regime is now in full clamp down/ repression mode and is moving full speed ahead to implement a tax and spend agenda that is going to bankrupt this town. Notice how everything is being done without benefit of public input or comment.

    Today I sent Comrade Oliverio an email about this agenda, asking if he would perhaps let us know exactly what the new legislator, aka building inspector, Rich Quaglietta has in store for us. I also asked the new BIC whether or not the citizens are permanently limited to 3 minutes per month of “public comment.” When and if I get a response to that email I will post it here since this is apparently the only place in town where the four or five people who actually give a crap about what’s happening, read or comment.

    How is this even legal?? Quaglietta is the Code Enforcement Officer. He does NOT get to WRITE THE LAWS. Clearly this is Un-Constitutional as are most of what the 5 putzes on the Board have come up with lately.

    There are serious issues in Putnam Valley that involve the expenditure of millions of dollars. The taxpayers deserve to have at least some input on how their money will be spent. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to allow more than 3 minutes a month of public comment. You’d think that anyone who spouts as much BS as Comrade Oliverio about how concerned he is for the greater good would allow his subjects the privilege of speaking about it.

    • Since Rich is working with the code, I think it’s appropriate for him to present his issues to the Town Board and the public. After all, we have an attorney to write the code…
      It would be nice to have agenda documents as per state law.

  2. 5. Discussion of zoning changes being recommended by our Building Inspector.

    Maybe make the zoning more in line with the old, dusty, never-implemented Comprehensive Plan.

    Maybe clear up the “incentives” in incentive zoning.

    We’ll be watching with bated breath.

    • Maybe get rid of incentive zoning?

    • The problem is, of course, that there are only 2 votes to get rid of incentive voting.

  3. If the people who are running this town were intelligent, competent professionals, we would not have to rely on speculations in a blog to try and figure out what’s going on. This is OUR lives, OUR money we are talking about- millions of dollars. Yet we are being treated like CHILDREN. Sam, Huma, the troll, the postman and Fat Louie know what’s best for us. They will make the decisions without our input. Sam has made it so much easier for them- he’s even managed to shut down public comment, even at the make believe public hearings.

    Rich the building inspector is the Code Enforcement Officer. He shouldn’t have any issues. If you read the publications that explain the duties of a CEO you can see that he is probably the most powerful man in Put Valley. Way more powerful than the supervisor or town board. He is the guy that can throw you out of your home, remember? SamO talks about health and safety but it’s Quag’s job to see to it when it comes to our houses and other buildings.

    Like everything else, the CEO position has become corrupted through generations of town boards, Dems & Repubs. Instead of taking care of safety and land use matters, the CEO has become an enforcer and money making machine. Have you seen those monthly reports on fines and money taken in for permits?? That’s quite a tidy sum that they’re hitting us for. Health and safety are never the issues- it’s all about money and power and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

    Proof- why is Artie Smith and whoever he lives with, still living in the falling down hovel on OLR across from town hall? Why hasn’t the old Ingersoll house been taken down and the owner fined or in jail? Why isn’t anything being done about some of the most egregious violations that are being reported in Lake Peekskill?

    Don’t insult my intelligence by claiming any of these people give a damn about the Code or safety or any of the other BS they claim to care about.

    Keep your eye on the prize and follow the Yellow Brick Road- money and power, that’s the ticket.

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