Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 15, 2016


An agenda for tonight’s Town Board meeting, not a moment too soon.

In the documents, all the information is there for the copier lease.  Interesting that you can get more information about the copier lease than about the new building coming in the town park.  We need it, but we aren’t allowed to know why or what it is for.



  1. Tonight’s town board meeting is must viewing for anyone who cares to see the direction our town is headed under the new Regime which is basically the same as the old Regime except that SamO is a much nicer dictator than his predecessor. By that I mean, he always smiles and tries to be pleasant as he sticks the proverbial knife in your back.

    Also- thanks to the new BIC (yes, I am bringing back the term Bully in Chief as it is quite appropriate for the current supe as well), we now have a strictly enforced 3 minute limit on free speech, aka public comment. This is something new that was not voted on but was “discussed” prior to tonite’s meeting. So when I and Dan Vera got up to speak, we were warned. I protested but to no avail. So I guess what’s going to happen is that in the future Sam is going to have to have a sheriff’s deputy in attendance at every meeting to enforce the rules. Because it really is going to come to that.

    The curmudgeonly Tom Carano was in rare form as he used his allotted time to attack me and Dan Vera, claiming that if anyone was thinking of starting a business in town, and they saw the video of the meeting, they would be completely turned off by our public comments. He said that by expressing our viewpoints aka “freedom of speech” we were extracting our “pound of flesh” from the library, the school board and the town board. Basically everyone should just shut up and sit down so we don’t scare anyone.

    In the brief time that I was allowed during public comment, I brought up the new rec center which the board has not voted on but which Sam & Phil and Frank have estimated will cost at least $1.25 million and possibly as much as $2-3 million. There is no telling the amount, there is apparently no limit. We will not get to vote on it, nor will they take a poll to see if residents really want to spend that much on another building and more fields OR maybe we would rather have a really , really nice town pool like the one they have in Peekskill’s Depew Park. But they don’t care what we want. You see, Jackie, Wendy, Steve & Louie only want what Sam wants and says is for the greater good, safety, health and welfare of the town. None of them know what that is or how much it costs. It’s just whatever Sam tells them. They do not speak up, nor do they add anything, nor do they appear to even know what the hell I was talking about. They just sit back, collect their salaries and let Sam or Bob or whoever do all the talking. All in favor say aye. That’s the ticket.

    If nothing else, Tendy trained them very well.

  2. 3 minute limit??? Was there really so much public comment that they needed to limit it? They have 3 freaking meetings a month, only allow public comment at one, and they still don’t want to have to listen to the public?

    Aside from putting the announcements back into the meeting, I thought it was an unorthodox approach to put a public hearing into the body of the meeting. I thought that public hearings were supposed to be separate events, separately noticed, separately opened and closed.

    I have been out talking to the public, and haven’t heard an outpouring of desire for this new building at the park.

  3. SamO has many ideas and theories about public input to the town board- there should be as little as possible at all times, it should be as brief as possible and also he should be able to interrupt whenever he wants (worse than Tendy) and that counts towards the 3 minutes.

    After many years I have come to the conclusion that there has to be another way for people to communicate about their government besides what is controlled by the town & now dictator Oliverio. It’s long past time that we had our own meetings on YouTube or some other venue, even our own cable show. I thought they have to provide facilities for that for free as part of their contract, no?

    There is plenty of alt media out there including FB, blogs, etc. and that is where we have to take it. I seriously doubt that more than a dozen people in town ever watch the meetings on cable tv; maybe they stream them if that. At least with the streaming you don’t have to sit through all the gratuitous BS.

    All the meetings are is a chance for free PR for SamO & the board members. All they care about is the next election That is all they work for.

    Also- I tried to ask my legislator Scooch about county tourism but she ran away and refused to answer.

    I also brought up the issue of Kelly Howard- that it is a huge conflict of interest to have Sherry’s daughter with the no show job ($12 grand a year) ay the historic museum that is paid for by the tax slaves. Sam shut me down as fast as he could.

    Like I said, they’re going to have to bring in the sheriff one of these days. I am not giving up my right to free speech without a fight.

    • Maybe we should have Town Hall meetings once a month. Figure out what is important to us, not them.

      • There really needs to be at least one meeting a month where the residents can speak directly to the town board on any topic, without a time limit. We should start pushing for this ASAP.

        Even in Peekskill they have a 10 minute courtesy of the floor plus rebuttal time!

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