Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 7, 2016

No agenda posted

for tomorrow night’s Town Board work session, but there are a couple of documents posted.

$98K to design this recreation center that someone has been clamoring for.  Please remind me who that is?



  1. I never thought I would say this, but Oliverio has turned out to be much worse than Tendy, as evidenced by his first 6 months in office. His entire agenda seems to be to raise taxes and inflict pain on the residents of the town. You never once hear him mention the word “taxpayers” unless it’s to claim that we can afford every monstrosity that he comes up with that we will have to pay for.

    ** If Sam, Frank and the town board had ANY guts or courage, they would DEMAND that the school district allow the residents to use ANY AND ALL SCHOOL FACILITIES THAT WERE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR WITH OUR MONEY$$$

    When the unnecessary high school was built, we were told in no uncertain terms that this was one of the reasons we should bankrupt the town and build it.

    JACKIE, WENDY, LOUIE & STEVE ARE ADOPTING THE SAME POSTURE THEY HAD WHEN TENDY WAS THEIR BOSS- DRINK THE KOOL-AID and do whatever the bully tells you. The entire town board should be impeached or recalled.

  2. I don’t think the Town Board gets a pass on this. They are not just going along with their boss. While they pretend to be fiscally conservative, I haven’t seen them ever stick up for the taxpayers. They love to spend money. If the planning is costing $98K, imagine what the rest will cost. They didn’t go along with Sam with the Cornus, even though two of them pretended to before the decision. Giving the Parks and Rec building to the State Police, giving the shelter to the SPCA, moving Parks and Rec to the park, hiring Larry and Joe and another beach monitor for jobs that should already be covered, the Lubnow report, the retention pond, the DEC and the pump station, the day camp; it goes on and on and on.

  3. I complained about Bob-O’s $300k wall, but SO is outdoing him remarkably, and it hasn’t even been 6 months. $1.2 million for this??

  4. At the last TB meeting- SamO said the cost for the rec center could be over $2 million. NOT ONE OF THE SOCK PUPPETS DISAGREED. Also, they REFUSE to even poll the people of our town to see if what THEY want. How about a town swimming pool? The people of Putnam Valley have zero representation with this board. This is not about public service, it is about keeping the job and the money. The only time they care about the taxpayers is at elections. Then watch the BS flow. Will the voters ever learn??

  5. They are still talking about photo voltaics aka solar power for the town hall. Why do they refuse to use the term solar power? It’s because they want to spend $250,000 for a solar electric system that they can probably get for free from NYS.

    • The money has been sitting there for years. Better to use it than not, although I don’t want the Leibell wing to do it.

      • Why didn’t they ever spend the money? It’s been so long I forgot.

      • They didn’t want to give Sam D any credit, then they wanted to have an excuse to build the Leibell wing. They can’t get out of their own way.

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