Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 10, 2016

Pudding Street accidents 8/09 – 7/12

Per the 8/13/14 DOT Informational meeting about the Pudding Street project:

From Aug ‘09 thru July ‘12, there were 12 accidents that were intersection related.  They did not include someone running off the road or hitting a deer.

12 accidents, 8 of which were right angle collisions – people crossing the Taconic hand being hit by a parkway driver.
The DOT calculated that as 0.38 accidents per million vehicle mile.  The average is 0.25 accidents per million vehicle mile.  So, the DOT said that the accident rate is not beyond what would be expected.
The Task Force had looked at the numbers from 1998-2001 and found double the number of accidents including 16 right angle collisions.  The DOT attributes the decrease in accidents to a decrease in overall traffic volume but also the installation of signs and warning beacons.
 Reviewing the PCNR articles from March, 2016, 2 of the 5 accidents were not necessarily intersection related.  In one, the driver fell asleep.  In another the driver reported running off the road because he was cut off by a driver coming out of Pudding Street and that Pudding St driver did not stop.  The other 3 were failure to yield right of way to TSP drivers.


  1. The Putnam Examiner says that Senator Serino said that there is now $24.7 million dedicated to the Pudding Street project and that, “Securing the funding is a major victory for this project.”

    The Examiner also reported that as far as funding the project is concerned, Councilwoman Annabi said, “now they have it and no more excuses.”

    • Seems very odd. She doesn’t know what the project is, but she has secured funding? It doesn’t appear that the DOT has been making any excuses, but that they have been doing the engineering to proceed with the project. Were they supposed to just build it, or is it better to do the planning first? When the DOT was in PV talking about this project, they explained that they were looking at different options, and they explained that because of the wetlands and the parkway, there were more constraints on this project than usual. They also said that they would use other traffic calming techniques to reduce accidents there. Clearly that helped during the past. I don’t know if more was done this time around.

      The state senator and the councilwoman/senator’s spokeswoman seem to be using this for political reasons rather than safety reasons.

      Still, it will be a positive step if the school buses can get across the road. There were supposed to be improvements in the scheduling, so that there wouldn’t be so many buses going across. I wonder if anyone ever did anything about that.

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