Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 8, 2016

Taconic Street Overpass

Mike Moculski posted a 2013 News 12 report on the Taconic Street overpass on the Pudding Street/Taconic Overpass.  That report indicates that the engineering is ongoing, and that the planned interchange will be a bridge across the road.

“The DOT told News 12 Westchester that it is in the process of designing a bridge over the four lanes of the Taconic at Pudding Street. The earliest construction could begin would be in 2018, according to a DOT spokesperson.”




  1. I’m confused here. Are you saying that a spokesperson for DOT’s scheduling of work told the station in 2013 that overpass construction could have a 2018 start date? In addition I am confused because I believed it had been established that the intersection will be reconstructed by widening the Taconic at Pudding Street.
    I think the safety of the downhill curve coming into Peekskill Hollow should be brought up too. Maybe the town can provide data for all the ambulance calls to the Taconic Parkway for the DOT to consider in their plans.

    • The video is posted on the Putnam Valley facebook page. That is a report from 2013, when State Senator Terry Gipson obtained the funds for the engineering. The town website has the video from the informational meeting held back then, when some of the issues were elucidated. I had attempted to find out if the engineering was ongoing months ago, but it had become so much of a campaign issue for Ms. Annabi and Ms. Serino that it was hard to get accurate info. The DOT had been planning a street level interchange back then, but other ideas were on the table. From a PCNR report, the DOT is planning a bridge, and an information meeting for this summer, in spite of local political posturing. I will post the older stats that I have on accidents tomorrow, slightly higher incidents of accidents there, and dropping due to other actions.

  2. So now PCNR is who we have to put our faith in for accurate information on town politics. I guess I should subscribe.

    • I don’t know that you need to subscribe. We are trying to put together information around all the exaggerated politics, and a DOT information meeting sounded authentic. It is the way they would proceed.

  3. What a monstrosity an overpass will be! In 1996, the Taconic had been widened at Pudding Street to install the median. Imagine how wide the bridge will have to be, and how high. Unless there will also be a vehicular elevator, they are going to have to significantly build up both Pudding Street and Wiccopee Road so that each can reasonably access such a large / high structure.

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