Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 1, 2016

Town property

January 27, 2016 email from Judy Lapiner, Land Use permits, NYC Environmental Protection Bureau of Water Supply

to: Adolf Jonietz, Todd Atkinson

“Good morning.  Adolf, this is Putnam Valley, it is not in the NYC watershed.  You may recall the area from 2014 when you located the unsecured hatch and the old PS you labeled on the 3rd attachment.  Todd will guide us on the total area that needs to be surveyed for their work decommissioning and removing the old PS and connection and restoring the property.  Access paths, Lake Peekskill WD adjacent parcel and the immediate area round our and Lake Peekskill’s properties should be included.”




  1. Do you also have the 3rd attachment that she mentioned?

    • I have photocopies of photographs that would not be useful, scanned and posted here. My assumption is that this is a Zutt file, and that the emails and attachments were printed out and kept as a hard copy. (That can’t be it. It is more recent than Mr. Zutt. Someone else saved it in hard copy.) It would have been more useful saved on a computer file.

      There is no doubt that the pump house needs to be safe and secure, and perhaps to come down. What is not clear is whether or not there was any work done to close down the town’s access to the aqueduct, and what agreement there was at that time with the DEP, if any.

  2. Good work on an important issue. The people should never have agreed to allow the prior town board to decommission the seasonal water system that had been in existence for generations. The truth is that there never was sufficient oversight by the town and the system was allowed to rot and repairs were not done. As usual, local government was too lazy to do their jobs and conserve resources and taxpayer money. Seasonal water would make all the difference in the world for LP.

  3. I was in favor of filtering the water and replacing the pipes and burying them deeper. There were some employees who felt that was possible. However, the water was very bad, and there were leaks everywhere. It is moot now.

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