Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 23, 2016

Lake Peekskill & the Town Park

The latest reason for Larry Cobb to supervise the LP crew is that one union member cannot supervise another….  I have heard all kinds of reasons, from town employees and elected officials and I have reported some of them.  Now I am really confused.  What does a foreman do, if not supervise?  There’s a foreman for both LPID and the highway department.  What is their job if they are not supervisory?  And since the foreman of the highway department, who is a union member, is supervising the Lake Peekskill district at least some of the time…… huh?  You can’t have one union member supervise a union member, so you have a different union member supervise a member?

And what about the teen center?  There, again, there is a union member supervising other union members?  I know some people were complaining that Joe’s job wasn’t okay according to the contract.  I thought it was because he already has contractual hours, and a contractual job, and this was not part of the contract. Perhaps it was because of this supervisory thing.

I am also confused about Larry’s job.  He is an elected official, with a statutory job, and a budgeted salary that by law had to be published last year.  So when does he find these extra hours to put in supervising the Lake Peekskill crew, and just how many hours is that?

On to other Lake Peekskill considerations, I guess with the piles of beach sand, there is no hope of reduced sand area, and natural plantings along the shoreline this year, as was suggested by Fred Lubnow.  It seemed like a low cost way to solve a few problems.

Sometimes it seems as if action is considered more important than considered action.  While the retention pond may well be better in the very long run for all the disturbance, it looks like it will be worse for this season.  As there is already string algae identified, and it was a mild winter, it doesn’t bode well for our poor little lake.  It sure would have been nice to have had some consensus and understanding before these steps were taken.   I guess we will find out soon whether it is a fiberglass or clay base.

Exactly how much water flows from the bog?

There are good photos of string algae and the pump house on the LPCA facebook page.

That is a really interesting and odd shot of the interior of the pumphouse.  I am in the process of getting the correspondence from the NYC DEP about it, so that I can better understand what is going on.  When I read the contract, from the 30’s, back in the fall, I didn’t see that it said that if we abandoned it, we had to take the building down.  I’ll have to locate it and read it again.  And I don’t understand what our agreement was  12 years or so ago, when they told us that we could hook up to water again if we wanted to, at some point in the future.

Sam O is right.  It would cost too much money to bring water in to Lake Peekskill.  For anyone believing that to be a possibility, go back to the Laberge Engineering report.  The report cost Lake Peekskill a lot of money, so you may as well utilize it.

I hear that it is too bad that the community didn’t get to choose the color for the interior.  I’m not sure why it is believed that not including the community is a positive political move.  I was neutral on the stage but I did like the bar, although it could have used some updating.  I liked the piano way back when.  No one ever seems to care what the residents want.

Same thing with Parks and Recreation.  The department seems to be something that is done to the community because of politicians who think it is a good way to get votes.  Since it starting growing willy-nilly back when Carmelo was Supe, aside from the dog park, I have never heard any of it springing from the townsfolk.  Maybe an indoor recreation center is a good idea.  I don’t know, but I do know that there are a lot of complaints about money, fences, and activities, and no one seems willing to talk to the residents about what they want.  How about a couple of Town Hall meetings to find out what people who live here want in recreational facilities.  Maybe we’ll find out that everyone is thrilled.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know?

I recognize that we have representative government, as Bill Zutt was fond of reminding us.  We vote for them and they can do whatever they want.  I’ve got it.  But isn’t that a rather adversarial way to govern?  Why not ask people what they want?




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