Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 11, 2016

Work session – March

The Board created the Lake Peekskill goose poop pushing monitor.  This was talked about at budget time, but it still is amazing.  It is what we have been waiting for.  There are beach monitors at all three beaches.  There have been for a long time.  Now there is a beach monitor for all three beaches.  Why don’t we have the beach monitors monitor the beaches where they monitor, and include the goose poop pushing at the same time?  Just a thought…

I bet that Lake Peekskill lifeguard monitoring is the thing that Sherry misses most about her old job!

There will be no seasonal employees in Lake Peekskill.  Larry is on the job.

At the public hearing for refinishing basements, Patty V. asked some very good questions, which helped to clarify.  You can refinish your basement now with a building permit.  A decade or so ago, a law was passed that you could increase your living space by 20% with a building permit, instead of needing to go to the Planning Board.  Now, you can refinish your basement with a building permit (not a site plan at the Planning Board) even if it exceeds the 20%.


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