Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 2, 2016

Good job, People of Putnam Valley

No public hearings on March 9 on the rental registration and CO laws.  Proud of my community!

A thank you to Sam O for dealing with these laws with so much transparency that it allowed the townsfolk to be fully informed.  I did not agree with your position at all, but you put the information out, so that everyone could give the whole Town Board lots of grief.



  1. I attended the meeting tonight and have to admit that I was surprised it went as well as it did. I give Sam credit for the open debate that was able to take place online and in the community. There was a lot of history with these laws that apparently originated during the Tendy regime. At one point not that long ago, it seemed like Sam and the other board members were in favor of the laws with some modifications. However, I don’t think they fully understood just how repressive and out of wack they were. I also thank Dawn for her vigilance and I want to express my thanks to Dan Vera for all the work he did getting the word out there. There were a lot of people in our community who took time out to send emails, make phone calls, post on FB and in general become a part of the solution and our town government. Really great to see.

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