Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 26, 2016

Confused yet?

I did a post summarizing some of the points for the public hearing.  Then I was compelled to look at the 2-10-16 pre-meeting…  Jackie and Steve were all for the laws then.  Louie too.  There was no public hearing set, for any of the 3 laws.  They talked about them, but didn’t set the hearings.  They were, however, legally noticed.  But what was noticed, if they weren’t set?  That would mean that if everyone went to the meeting and expressed their opinion, it would not be part of the record for the public law, although it would be part of the town record.  I took down my post for awhile, while I tried to figure out what was going on.  I certainly think that there is a benefit to having a town meeting with everyone expressing their opinion on this topic.  It just wouldn’t be part of the record, and would not contribute to the advancement of this law.

Now, the Town Board is going to go back and set the hearings.  Can you set a public hearing after the legal notice went out?  Seems wrong, doesn’t it?

What I am wondering is if this will actually be part of the legal process for passage of a law or not.  I wouldn’t expect so.  There is always the chance that the Board will not set the hearings, and we will not have to continue to express our opinions on the Constitution and illegal search just because the town wants to.  Is there that chance?  That would be nice. Give us all the night off.

So I don’t know.  I’m not sure if it’s a public hearing or not.



  1. When and where did the board decide to take NO ACTION?
    When and where was the C-O law discussed and who asked the Town Attorney to write the law?
    Who is supposed to be enforcing the NY State laws? Would that be the Building Inspector? If so, why has he not been doing his job?
    Its real easy to say that we should be enforcing existing laws, but saying it and doing it are two different things.
    Isn’t the March 9th meeting a public hearing? Why would there be any voting at that meeting?

    • I saw no vote on “No Action” at the Town Board meeting where the rental registration law was discussed. I also saw no objection to the law by any Board member.

      SamO says that the CO law was already in existence. I have seen no evidence of public discussion. Mr. Tendy was quite fond of meetings in the back room, where there was plenty of discussion of non-executive session material. I have been told by Ms. Annabi of how she voted on matters that were never before the public. There are also email discussions. I have been told that the Town Attorney did write the laws, but have not been told when or at whose request.

      The Building Inspector or Code Enforcement Officer enforces NYS law. He cannot enter a premises without permission unless there is an emergency.

      The March 9th meeting is a public hearing, though not properly voted on, so if the Board wanted to pass the law, they would need to vote on a new public hearing and redo the process. Even SamO is not saying that he wants the laws in their present state, so there would have to be a new public hearing to pass the laws. The Board can, however vote at any meeting. While there are meetings called work sessions and regular meetings, and now, pre-work sessions, according to open meetings law, a meeting of a quorum of the Board is a meeting, and notice is required, and the Board can vote on anything that is brought to the floor by a motion and second. There is already a work session publicly scheduled for the 9th. Once the hearings are closed, the Board can convene and vote. At the March 2 meeting, they can vote not to schedule the hearing on the 9th. Since this is so out of control, I assume that they will proceed with the public comment on the 9th.

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