Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 24, 2016

And then there is the CO law

Certificate of occupancy – A lot of comment has been made about the horrifying rental law, but the CO law will affect anyone who ever hopes to sell their home.  You won’t be able to.  You will be in Putnam Valley until you are foreclosed on or dead.  SamO thinks that the buyers are not capable of going to Town Hall and looking at the file for the property they intend to buy, that they will not have a lawyer who protects their interests, or a bank that is protecting its interests.  He thinks that you should be required to have a CO inspection before you can sell your home.  When our homes are foreclosed, then what?  More zombie homes, or are the banks going to rebuild the houses to new codes?

Interesting that someone who said that we should concentrate on rebuilding existing housing stock instead of building new is committed to making that impossible. Campaign talk I guess.

When the Cornus were kicked out of their home, there was a red notice placed on their door telling them they had to get out.  That red notice was never supported or justified.  They were just kicked out, and the Code Enforcement Officer was never required to do anything to justify it. It was discussed in court, so there was no ruling to uphold it, but they were kicked out nonetheless.  Now, SamO wants to take away your privacy too, and give the CEO even more power over your lives.  Note: This was a prior CEO, not current personnel.

Let the mortgage companies take care of this.

Let cash sales go on.

Let’s not let this law hurt our community.  Let’s not allow this law.

March 9.  Public hearing.



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