Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 24, 2016

Health and Safety of the public.

That is how Sam O justifies the laws.  We hope not to live in Draconia.  There are some laws that would actually protect the public health and safety.

Upzoning, so that we stop the continued deterioration of our water.

Watershed protection, finally increase and protect open space around our water and educate the public to the importance of protecting the water supply.

Pass a wetlands law to protect smaller wetlands and habitats, and protect our surface water.  New Paltz has one that stood up to legal challenge.

Create a stormwater team to help communities and homeowners solve stormwater problems and create real solutions.

Hold coyote classes to help people deal with their fears and understand how to live with them and with other wildlife.  Learn to howl.

Pass a law to stop shooting in more crowded  areas of the community.

Just a start.







  1. SamO keeps pontificating “health and safety” but refuses to acknowledge the Smith house, across the street from town hall on OLR, that appears to be uninhabitable. Why has nothing ever been done to put that place into compliance? That looks to be an extremely unsafe and unhealthy structure but they couldn’t find the law to do anything about it.

  2. If you visit Oliver’s website (, under either the beliefs tab or the issues tab, there is no mention whatever of a proposed rental law or a proposed CO law such that he currently favors.

    Where is his electoral mandate for these intrusions into the lives of PV residents?

    Whistling Willie

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