Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 20, 2016

Citizen Research

from a concerned resident taxpayer:

The town of Yorktown does not have a rental registration law

The town of Cortlandt does have a rental registration law that is applicable to dwellings where there are 3 or more units (§230-6)

The town of Carmel merely asks for a special permit that is renewable every 5 years upon application to and inspection of the premises by the CEO. (§156-45.2)

The town of Philipstown does not have a rental registration law.

No local municipality that has a law similar to the C-O law.



  1. You have previously posted that Annabi and Mackay are skeptical of these proposals. If one additional Town Board member thinks likewise, it will make no difference what Oliverio favors.

    Whistling Willie

  2. I have heard that Louie wants this law. Sam, at least understands how badly it was written, so I would concentrate effort there.

  3. Hi Dawn. The law I favor would be more akin to the Carmel one. It’s pretty simplistic and does what it is suppose to do, protect the renter. The biggest difference for me is that the five year cycle is greater then I would want.

  4. Sam- why are you refusing to listen to reason on this one? You claim to want to help the people of this town. Your laws will do just the opposite- a great deal of harm that is not necessary. Forget the other towns. Put Valley already has enough laws on the books to protect everyone, whether they rent or own. The only reason I can see for wanting the laws is to obtain more money and more power for the town. Period.

      town of Cortlandt rental registration
      The problem is the same. In a town where most structures are pre-existing non-conforming, rental units cannot conform to current code. That doesn’t mean that they are unsafe or unfit for habitation. Even for those who have legally renovated within the last 10 years, as Patty has, with all valid COs, a law like this would require updated code compliance. It is unrealistic and unfair to expect existing housing to update every time a code is changed. It would harm the residents and the community, and it would damage the available rental housing, which is needed by some people. Trying to fix one problem by creating many is not the way to go. One needs to look at the bigger picture, not the specific example of abuse.

    • 1) Thank you for your comment.
      2) They are not my laws. They were created and vetted by the previous administration.
      3) Since they were introduced (the rental law had a public hearing on December 9th), the Board needs to do its due diligence and hold the public hearings. I don’t like either law they way they are written. At the public hearing I will present what I believe these regulations should look like and represent.
      4) I do feel strongly that the rental regulation (fully modified and revamped) will benefit the renter.
      5) I feel the same about the CO law and it’s specific focus of aiding the potential buyer by assuring them that what they are buying has no illegal decks, garages, etc.
      6) For me, I can’t speak for anyone else, these laws are not about money or power but about looking out for all members of our community. And that includes renters and potential newcomers to PV.
      7) Finally, I know that on many issues not everyone will agree with what our Town does. I understand this and respect the various opinions and points of view. I will never discredit or demean anyone’s viewpoint. This does not mean though, that I will not do what I was elected to do which is to review every issue and make the hard choices. That was why I was elected, to decide the tough calls and do it as fairly and justly as humanly possible. I didn’t run for Supervisor to just show up to Town Hall whenever I felt like it and not do anything other then collect a paycheck. I ran because I see such great opportunities for our Town. It will take hard work on many of the initiatives that I see the Town benefiting from, but being Supervisor is my full time and ONLY job. The people entrusted me to bring about changes, and I look forward to doing so on many fronts.

      • Sam- I am not sure exactly why people elected you, but I doubt it was because they wanted you to make changes. In fact, I’m not even sure what changes you said you were going to make before you got elected. You have been a politician for most of your adult life. You are also a big vote getter. There are many reasons you got elected and believe me, it was not because people wanted you to make their lives harder and more difficult. Just because your predecessor Tendy or whoever it was- (personally I believe it was Bill Florence, maybe you should confirm that) decided to come up with these Draconian regulations does not mean that you are under any obligation to move them forward! It would be a great blessing if you just dropped them.

        Here is a partial list of items that are already covered by our town codes, rules and regulations. That means that our code enforcement people ALREADY have the right to force compliance: accessory structure, adapter fitting, air conditioning, air handling unit, alterations, appliances, attics, basements, balcony, baffles, ball cock, bed and breakfast, boiler room, building drains, building, ceiling height, chimney, closet, clothes dryer, community residence, construction document, dampers, decorative gas appliances, dwelling, drainage system……. The list is way too long to put down everything. In short- there is no aspect of our homes and property that is not already covered under existing law! Why would you want to re-invent the wheel?

        ** Also- you never answer my questions about the Smith house. Nobody ever answers the question: how is that place considered to be in compliance with the laws? See what I mean by selective enforcement?

      • Sometimes belief in the righteousness of your cause blinds you to atrocities that you commit.

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