Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 16, 2016

It is possible that SO has not been to a closing in a long time.

Banks making loans for sales in PV review the Dept. of Building files and require the current owner to present valid COs for the entire structure and any and all additions before they will even schedule a closing. Local RE attorneys include clauses requiring this in contracts now, too.

That seems like an appropriate way for a bank to protect themselves, and leaves Mr. O’s overwhelming need to protect the buyer a bit too paternalistic for my tastes, and oh, so subject to abuse.




  1. Not only that, but what about the fact that we have a building inspector, code enforcement officers, building department, planning board, zoning board, town planner, town attorney and assorted other employees who are getting PAID to make sure that our buildings are safe and in good condition. Over the years we have paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to these people to do their jobs. Not to mention the fact that we already have many pages of laws already ON THE BOOKS about property maintenance, building codes, plumbing and electrical codes etc.

    There is no reason on earth that we need MORE laws and more enforcement. The people who are being paid should either do their damn jobs or get fired.

    The entire board is a disgrace. Not one of them has the brains or the integrity to say or do anything about the proposed new Gestapo laws. Sorry if the G word offends anyone, but I don’t know what else to call a law that says a building inspector can get a court order to come to your house in the dead of night with a police officer so he can do an inspection.

  2. John Landi was hired as the building inspector for the Village/Town of Mount Kisco in July 2014. However, his name no longer appears on the webpage of the Mount Kisco building department in any capacity.

    Does anyone know the story behind his departure from this position?

    Whistling Willie

  3. A friend shared another perspective on this bad idea. Sometimes a buyer wants a property that is not habitable, for redevelopment. Sometimes a buyer is planning to renovate, so any code non-compliance is irrelevant. If you force a seller to renovate a house, that could drive up the price for something that the buyer does not want. Should the county have been unable to sell the Ingersoll house?

  4. Followup. John Landi lasted exactly one year as the Mount Kisco building inspector, viz., July 2014-July 2015. The circumstances of his departure are unclear.

    Whistling Willie

  5. As town of mamaroneck building inspector 2017 John Landi, raised a lot of eyebrows how he appeared to favor certain contractors over building code and residents. Then he abruptly was no longer employed. We also want to know what happened here too?

    • I have no idea about Mr. Landi’s behavior after he left PV’s employ. He may still reside in PV.

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