Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 15, 2016

no agenda docs

a. Approve the expense of $4,200.00 for the clearance of brush, trees and tree stumps
in and around the retention basin in Lake Peekskill.

There are no agenda documents posted for Wed.’s meeting.  I am wondering who it is we are going to pay $4200 to clear the retention basin.  Weren’t we told that it was in pretty good condition by the wetlands inspector?




  1. Hi Dawn,

    This is another bit of unfinished business that needed to be attended to. The LP District approved the reclamation of the retention pond almost 2 years ago. Money was encumbered for this task and the project finally begun in early June 2015. It was suppose to be completed by the Fall. Unfortunately the lack of rain held up the full removal of the invasive trees and bushes as well as the full pumping out of the pond to the original fiberglass shell. That is now being completed. The price of $4,200 includes the full removal of the trees, removal of all stumps and a clear cutting so that the pond itself can be pumped out to its original casing. Cook Inc. was suppose to do all the work, but they said they could not remove the remaining trees and stumps. We put the finish of the foliage removal out to bid and Lussier Tree cutting was the cheapest. Lussier will be doing the remaining of the tree/foliage/stump removal. Hopefully Cook can then finish the project by fully draining the pond’s structure and safely removing all of the sludge.

  2. I was under the impression that we were told that it should not be taken down to its original casing because the growth filters excess nutrients.

  3. “Maintenance/dredging of North Beach Wet Pond

    Conduct an assessment, including quantifying the sediments in the wet pond to develop a maintenance plan for the wet pond.”

    – Princeton Hydro’s recommendation

    Then the wetlands inspector and town engineer inspected, and we were told it wasn’t in bad shape and was doing what it needed to. Then Cook was hired.

    So how did we get from there to $4200 for what?

  4. I have been reminded that dredging was specifically rejected by the district after Todd and Bruce inspected. I would be interested in any minutes that dispute that, and that support hiring Larry and Joe. There hasn’t been a district meeting in awhile. Perhaps one is in order, perhaps at a time when more residents can attend. Otherwise, it feels like a cabal is spending lots of money without any benefit. I have also heard that Judy has been told to order native plants for the retention basin, but with current plans there will be nothing in which to plant them.

  5. Dust settling and information is coming in. Investigation began with the retention pond after Lubnow’s presentation. The wetlands inspector and engineer to the town inspected and said it was functioning pretty well. Invasive species needed to be removed. Cook said they could remove and dispose of sediment, and were permitted to do so. From there to $4200, Lussier, and less functioning of the retention pond is the blank space. Sam O seems to be digging in his heels on the CO issue, there doesn’t seem to be a chance that he will consult the wetlands inspector to find out what we should be doing.

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