Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 13, 2016

Government Overreach

From the response I am getting it is clear that this new law is a grotesque level of government overreach.  Disappointing.  There will be more response to this one that there has been to date.  Your town board members already know that there is dissent, so feel free to contact them.



  1. Agreed Dawn, all residents should come out to the public hearing on March 9th (Wednesday, 6PM) and voice their concerns. Our Board will take all recommendations, suggestions and requests for change to heart. The whole idea of a public hearing is to hear what the community has to say. No law has been put into effect and none will be until the public hearing process is exhausted (if it takes 2 or 3 additional public hearings especially on the rental law, so be it). Unlike former administrations, we will listen carefully and respectfully and allow anyone who wishes to comment on any of the proposed items their due respect.

    • Thank you Sam. I have heard that the feeling at the meetings has improved dramatically. When the new positions for already contracted and an elected official was changed, there were some people who felt that their concerns expressed by various methods, were not considered at all. It is as if the budget process, union contracts, civil service, and other issues were ignored. So, when further dramatic changes were proposed, it did feel like more of the same. And the questions of where this is all coming from have been expressed repeatedly. I hope for further discussion.

  2. I heard that the Building Inspector requested the new laws and the changes in existing laws. I also heard that the Code Enforcement Officer is looking to be able to get a warrant to go into private homes for whatever reason he wants. This isn’t the same Code Enforcement Officer who wanted to carry a gun, is it?

    • I don’t know where these new laws came from, but no, it is not the same CEO who wanted to carry a gun. That was John Landi.

  3. Hi Dawn. The regulations were items that the Board had discussed but never took action on. I was the one who asked for the laws to be put on the public hearing docket. I like regulations that protect the health and safety of our residents. The rental regulations (though I’m sure the total package will be modified and adjusted) protects our renters from unsafe buildings. The CO regulation protects those buyers from being stuck with a structure that doesn’t have all the additions CO’d (illegal deck, added bathroom, etc.). My whole purpose in running for office was to move our Town in a positive direction that protects its residents/environment and enhances our services. Some people may not like that, but that is what I ahve always believed government should do.

    • Recertification is the kind of undue burden that will lead to more illegality and foreclosure. Let us suppose that someone has updated their house and the year is 2008. They have done everything legally, and had their permits, and received their CO. Then in, 2016, they want to sell. There have been code modifications at the local and state level, so now they are not in compliance, and you would impose additional fees and building costs because of “public health and safety.” That creates a legal morass like that of the Cornus. If it weren’t for national politics, it would be one of the more ridiculous things I’ve heard. Buyers can check the building department, and they can hire engineers. It is not your job to make it impossible for people to sell their houses. Not a positive direction. More likely – our houses were built in 1956. Unless we rebuilt, their COs were issued back then. If we want to sell in this terrible market, we would have to update to 2010 code?????? You may think that Patty overreacted, but I don’t think she was quite hysterical enough.

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