Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 10, 2016

Town Board – February 2016

There was another extra meeting last week.  We need to start paying attention to what they are doing.

2) Authorize Supervisor to allocate not more than $500 for the heating of the PV Historical Museum (Need resolution).
3) Lake Peekskill DEP Pumping Station –Continued discussion /Removal
4) Authorize Supervisor to seek a floating part time substitute office worker to assist when Town Employees are absent. $10 an hour, not to exceed 30 hours in a week. (Need resolution).
5) Authorize Supervisor to provide a $2,000 stipend to Michelle Babnick effective immediately for additional work assignments (Need resolution).
6) Lighting Laws –discussion /review draft lighting law
7) Start Time for Full Meeting –continue discussion /6PM start
8) County Supplied Medical Waste Container – continue discussion
9) Authorize Supervisor to allocate not more than $800 for a magnetic security lock on the side courtroom doors and an additional doorway by the kitchen hallway for courtroom security purposes (need resolution).
10) Bldg. Department –discussion /need for digital copier-Nicole Prontelli will explain process
11) Set public hearing for 3 new regulations
a) Recertification of Homes when sold.
b) Removal of the 20% limit on interior structural work.
c) Landlord registration law


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