Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 19, 2016

My letter below, Sam’s reply above

Sam seems stuck.  Shades of Bob-O.  LP always gets screwed. $7Kfor nothing.  Shouldn’t Larry already be doing his job?  And Joe his?  Wasn’t the elected Highway Superintendent’s salary already published?  And isn’t there a union contract for Joe’s?

Hi Dawn

Right after I was elected the very first complaints I received were from individuals who wanted to know who was in charge of the Lake Peekskill crew and what they did when they weren’t doing the garbage run.  Not just one call, but many.  I remember when  I was on the Board in the early 90s we appointed a gentleman from Peekskill Hollow Rd. to oversee the crew.  That didn’t work so we appointed Mitzi Eagens.  Mitzi was good at that task.  Earl not so much.   I am not knowledgeable about the duties/responsibilities of the crew.  Larry is.  I need accountability in all of our departments and also need to know what the tasks are that have been completed and have not been completed.  Larry is a great source for that.  I want to try this out and see if we can’t kick up the work being done in the LPID.  You are right, the additional taxes LP residents pay is excessive.  At least the residents should receive a full day’s work for a full day’s pay.  This accountability will ensure that that happens.


Dear Sam,

Back when Carmelo was Supe, Earl Smith was “supervising’ the Lake Peekskill crew. It didn’t work at all.  Perhaps some residents weren’t around and so have no knowledge of what happened, but it was a difficult situation.  That is why it was changed to supervision by the Town Supervisor.  That worked under Carmelo and Sam. I have no doubt that Tendy and Annabi provided no reasonable supervision, but things have changed now, and I have every confidence that you can do the job. 

I am not sure why an elected highway superintendent would be chosen to oversee a garbage and beach district, but doesn’t Larry have a full time job with a full time salary?  Would this be taken out of his full time for the town or would he be putting in overtime? To have Ray report to the highway department is a waste of his time and a waste of the crew’s.  You can have him provide you with a schedule of what needs to be done without involving an elected official who was not elected to do this job.  And you can always get rid of those antiquated time sheets once and for all.

Lake Peekskill pays more for its garbage pickup than anyone else in Putnam Valley.  It was productive that Jackie investigated going to Wheelabrator directly and eliminating the transfer station from our cost.  Clearly it would not save money, and some people should have been treated better, and it should have been more transparent, but at least the conversation was started about making our service more cost effective.  Private haulers would be cheaper for residents, and while I have lots of reasons not to want to switch to that, I don’t think that tacking an additional cost onto our tax bill (even if it was budgeted) is the right path either.

Lake Peekskill got hit with yet another tax increase this year, with no increase in service, no real justification, and no money set aside for the lake.  That is ridiculous. Let’s break the cycle.

I hope you will reconsider.



  1. This is not an auspicious way to start the new year.

  2. Aside from the dearth of reorganization, it seems to have started with Mr. Florence’s desire to make cemeteries a listed use in our zoning code. The law hasn’t been written yet, but let’s hear it for more business that doesn’t pay taxes. Important enough to have its own special meeting.

  3. Interesting that Jackie knew the Larry as overseer plan was unpopular. She liked it anyway.

  4. Putnam Valley is in a desperate situation because of our out of control taxes. The school district in particular is spending out of bounds and shows no sign of stopping. I honestly believe that it is simply not possible for Sam O to understand what it’s like not to have enough money to pay your bills. I am not saying he is a bad man or evil, just that he lives in a different world. Sam has always had a good job in the public sector with great salary and benefits. He is currently earning close to $200K a year and never has to work another day in his life to continue doing so. Truly he is an elite, part of the so called “1 percent”.

    Then you have the wannabes like Jackie and Louie and the other board members who will fight to the death rather than give up even their small piece of the pie, the money and the power.

    I don’t know how much more the stupid people of this town are willing to put up with it. I hear many complaints, yet somehow they keep electing these people who at best do nothing, at worst break the bank.

    Until there is some kind of revolution, there is no hope for change. The politicians and bureaucrats will keep spending till there is nothing left.

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