Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 1, 2016

Current NYMTC listing for Pudding St.

Programs & Projects, Transportation Improvement Projects – Lower Hudson Valley, page 1

The list is from the October 2, 2015 approved schedule, posted on the website currently.  It is essentially unchanged from the point when former State Senator Gipson got them to move forward with the engineering, the project scheduled for 2018.

This project was talked about back when Carmelo was Supe, and has had public support, so where did it go for all that time?

If they are working on the project development now and planning for environmental approval in the fall, the NYMTC schedule sounds accurate.  It should be interesting to see the plans.



  1. What’s really disgusting is that JA works for Senator Sue who’s all hot and bothered about fixing roads and bridges for her constituents. So what the hell does JA do all day while hanging out in her office at the senior center? Why isn’t she working her butt off to get money for her town to do some repairs?? I’ll tell you one thing, now that the BIC is gone, they’re going to be having a lot more public comment and audience participation at the meetings.

  2. JA says Sue is getting money, although it looks like nothing changed.

    What I am trying to figure out is how LP went from the budget meeting where JA said that the only way we would have a tax increase is if we burned through our significant surplus to a 6.8% increase. How bad is Lake Oscawana?

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