Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 21, 2015

Maple Leaf

That is one wet mess on OLR next to Morrissey.  Sad.  We never learn do we?



  1. Yes, I was wondering what the hell that swamp was. Any idea what it’s supposed to be?

    • Wetlands that are not wetlands.
      It is not the wetlands surrounding the long-ago culverted stream in which, prior to culverting, a previous ZBA member remembers keeping bottled milk cold.
      It is not the wetlands that the Planning Board ignored when they gave Maple Leaf permission to turn it into a supply yard and truck storage area. Maple Leaf – as in “Landscaping” – as in, to quote Mr. Steinmetz, ” the only difference is what happens in the hole”.

  2. Quite awhile ago, the PB gave permission to Maple Leaf to blacktop the wetlands to park landscaping trucks there, even though the code doesn’t seem to allow it. They used the Tompkins exception. The plan didn’t move forward, and Zutt said something about the conditions for the site plan not being met, and it seemed to be going away. But I guess it didn’t. There was a stream that went through there to PV Petroleum. It certainly is wet.

  3. Once again we are seeing selective enforcement in good ole PV. Maple Leaf gets away with destroying a wetland and causing who knows what kind of damage to the stream and landscape. The Smith house looks like it’s about to fall down and should be uninhabitable. The old Ingersoll house now owned by someone who’s trying to sell it as is, has never been condemned even when people were living there. Yet the only one who is getting punished and having his property stolen from him by the town and the lawyers is Pierre Cornu. Funny how the more things change the more they stay the same.

  4. It is hard for me to believe that another voice has felt the need to make the Cornu situation worse than it already was. Very sad.

  5. I was looking at the mucky mess of Maple Leaf, and the total impact of it hit. It is like the flag of Putnam Valley entrenchment. We are here, and you will never have a nice community. The vastness of the visual from the Fowler Fuel trucks through those destroyed hills at Maple Leaf, to the Elite Environmental truck storage at the “office site,” to the “grandfathered” lumber yard at McKinney. Insurmountable muck. Not quite what the Comprehensive Plan, or even the old zoning envisioned..

    • Yes, I drive past there every day and can’t believe what a freakin’ mess that place is! How does our illustrious, highly paid code enforcement officer Quaglietta allow this to take place?? Also, what about Tod et al and all the other paid officials who are supposed to be watching this stuff? Not to mention the outgoing BIC who is sworn to uphold the law, only I guess just some of them. Why do we have to keep reinventing wheel when it comes to zoning and planning?

      Meanwhile, I don’t know if other readers have seen this occurring in their neighborhoods, but there are several instances I am seeing where residential homes are being transformed into commercial properties. I’m talking about auto body repair and car sales, towing, heavy equipment, landscaping, etc. This is happening in strictly residential zones, not where there might be some other allowed uses. Again, how it the town letting all this blatant law breaking take place while going after other people for the same violations?

      PV has always had a reputation for corruption but things have gotten much worse.

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