Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 9, 2015

Too many hats

At the Sue Serino meeting, Ms. Annabi was functioning as Deputy Supervisor (Bob-O has been gone for a long time), as Councilwoman, as incessant candidate, and as Ms. Serino’s community liaison.  We know how that worked out.

Mr. Gouldman is legislator and Putnam Valley Republican Chair.  When he refused to attend the Lake Peekskill forum, when Jackie refused, and the others, and when they tried to bully the community into cancelling their event, and then boycotted, they were not acting as elected representatives.

When the Putnam County Republican Chair and Board of Elections Commissioner sued his Democratic Commissioner, he couldn’t figure out what hat he was wearing, which led to the dismissal of his suit.  He lost, but so did we all.

I don’t mean to imply that this is only a Republican problem, but with a dominant Republican party that does not care about representing all of its constituents, it just seems that way.

State law should clearly state that these political hats, along with public representation are unacceptable, so that the public is not victimized by this lack of fundamental fairness.



  1. You point out something that’s very important- that the gene pool in local politics is very small. Only certain people are allowed into The Club, whether it’s the D Club, the R Club or the club du jour. Jackie has proven herself to be a loyal foot soldier in the GOP army which is why she is able to wear so many hats and profit so handsomely for her devotion to the BIC (hopefully gone for good) and other GOP royalty. The Putnam version of the GOP owns this county at least for the time being. That being said, the corruption and incompetence that exists in the political class (the real 1%) knows no boundaries when it comes to R’s or D’s. It seems to be universal.

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