Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 2, 2015

From Patty Villanova’s research

Links on open meetings law and videotaping.  Well, we knew that what Annabi and Serino did was illegal.  You are allowed to put restrictions on taping, and the videographer was clear that he would not tape residents if that was the restriction.  Serino’s condition was that he would be arrested if he videotaped.  Time for her to go.  Aren’t there actual crimes that she could go after, instead of harassing members of her own district?

Why was there a deputy there?  And why was he not enforcing the law instead of acting as Serino/Annabi’s bouncer/bodyguard?

What are Serino and Annabi hiding?  And why didn’t the board members stand up for the law?



  1. Many thanks to Dawn and everyone responsible for getting the word out on this disgusting video. Truly this is absolutely chilling when it comes to our most precious freedom of speech. What is most frightening of all is that NOT ONE elected official objected to this behavior. They are ALL unworthy of their offices and should be impeached or prosecuted.

    If the town board ever voted to place restrictions on recording our meetings, then there should be a record of that meeting and most importantly, the rules MUST BE POSTED as per the Open Meetings Law.

    Oliverio, Annabi, Whetsel, McKay – totally disgraceful.

  2. An additional piece of interesting information has emerged as people post about this. So many comments were deleted from candidate’s Facebook pages during the recent campaign, and that’s not so legal either. Screen shots can prove it too.

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