Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 20, 2015

Is this personal?

“It’s so hypocritical that someone in blogville thinks expressing ones opinion that ALL shooting and ALL hunting in our county should be banned is just someone expressing their opinion and trying to start a civil discussion. Which I actually agree with, I have no problem with having a public and civil discussion on the issue.  However, by me expressing my own personal opposing opinion, I’m somehow trying suppress free speech and blatantly disregarded someone’s opinion. I’m confused, isn’t that how a discussion works? People expressing opposing opinions?

They somehow feel justified characterizing the concerned citizens, people who made the effort to show up and support what they believe in as activists blindly following the NRA.


Do you think these bloggers, self professed guardians of the silent majority, feel that they know what’s best for the rest of us actually believe their own BS? – Jackie Annabi

It is so hard to follow her thoughts.  Is she calling me a hypocrite, because I don’t believe this man’s concerns were addressed, or because the shooting in PV neighborhoods was never addressed? Did I say anything about blindly following the NRA?  If there is someone else she is denigrating, I would love to know who it is who is standing up to this kind of bullying.  Pretty nasty.


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