Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 19, 2015

Flawed Logic

There is an article in the Examiner News about a meeting of the protective services committee. A man wrote a letter about hearing shooting from his home. I haven’t seen his letter. I became aware of the meeting because there was a call to action from hunting groups to “protect their second amendment rights.”

Even though this was merely a discussion at a committee meeting, those activists packed the room, and Sheriff Don Smith sent a letter in support of hunting rights.

When there was shooting in Floradan, Lake Peekskill, and the cemetery, I found that those complaints have gone entirely unanswered, and that our elected officials did not care.

Mr. Gouldman and Ms. Annabi have both expressed their gratitude that this “assault” to the constitution was suppressed. As quoted below, Ms. Annabi had so much concern for the resident’s perspective that she called it “some sort of perceived issue with something,” and she labelled his reaction as “knee jerk.”

It is so difficult to express one’s concerns in this county if you are not a member of the ruling class. There is no such thing as civil discussion. One resident expressed the opinion that hunting is decreasing in Putnam County. I would be interested in clearly establishing these statistics. A packed room at a legislative meeting does not necessarily indicate majority support.

The article and come fb comments are posted on the Putnam Valley fb page.

“As so often is the case these days, when there’s some sort of perceived issue with something, the knee jerk reaction by some is a call for an outright ban. By that flawed logic, we shouldn’t have a drug epidemic as we speak, since illegal drugs have been banned for decades.” – Annabi


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