Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 2, 2015

Dem Ad

I thought that the Democrats brought up some good points in their ad.

Spur Beach, the Taconic Overpass, the inability to stay within the  tax cap, the business district, the ambulance corps, and the library.

A lot of good points.

The problem at Spur Beach has dragged on for years.  Lots of money and it’s still not fixed?  Tendy could only feud with the County Health Commissioner about it?

The Taconic Overpass.  State Senator Terry Gipson got the engineering moved up, he was voted out, and now it is on the calendar for 2020, and Jackie takes credit for that?

The tax cap – the bane of the Republicans’ existence.  They all argued in favor of it, and I don’t know why they hate it, since they never bother to meet it.

The business district.  I won’t even start on that one.

The contract with the ambulance corps?  Tendy and Annabi couldn’t solve that one?

And the library war?  Misinformation piled on misinformation, and some real hatred expressed toward the library, and Annabi takes credit?

And then there is the lack of management of the Lake Peekskill lake woes, and the political and nasty boycott of the Lake Peekskill Meet the Candidates, and Jackie says she is non-partisan.  I guess that is when she is not accusing everyone of being a Democrat.

But I digress.


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