Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 1, 2015

It’s getting nasty out there.

r ratsLouie actually blamed his opposition for this.  I guess he is so out of touch with the community, he doesn’t recognize the pervasive frustration and despair.  Perhaps if he hadn’t boycotted the Lake Peekskill Meet the Candidates as commanded by his new party boss, he would have some idea.

I didn’t notice any protest when Cathy’s signs were being stolen.  I didn’t notice any protest in the past, when Sam’s beautiful signs were being vandalized like crazy, with the nastiest things about me.  I remember two upstanding Republicans caught with signs.  Neither was held responsible, and at least one was given a certificate of merit for his community participation.

Perhaps not quite as famous as knocking over signs with pick-up trucks, I have had that done to me, was the rampant theft of Gina Capone’s signs, when Jackie’s husband was running against her.  I have never seen anything like it.  Gina couldn’t keep a sign up anywhere.  Her friends finally got a ‘uge banner that she could lay across her van.  Then, they made the Elections Commissioners measure how far it was from polling places.  It was always fine.

Putnam Valley Republicans, you insult us, again and again.  Sorry about your signs, but it never seems to bother you when it is happening to someone else.


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